2005 | Action Number: 852

Adaptation and Management of Forage Legumes - Strategies for Improved Reliability in Mixed Swards - Proceedings of the 1st COST 852 Workshop

  • Pages: 291
  • Author(s): B. E. Frankow-Lindberg, R. P. Collins, A. Luscher, M. T. Sebastia, A. Helgadottir
  • Publisher(s): SLU Service/Repro, Uppsala
  • ISBN: 978-91-576-6805-9

COST 852 - Quality legume-based forage systems for contrasting environments - was initiated in late 2002 to help resolve questions that arise when we want to make use of forage legumes in sustainable agriculture. In developed countries there is a thrust to encourage agricultural systems that reduce environmental degradation, maintain agricultural productivity, promote economic viability in both the short and long term, maintain stable rural communities and enhance the quality of life. There are many established approaches to sustainable farming but a common thread to all schemes is the emphasis on biological systems to supply fertility and environment benefits.

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