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In this section you can find an overview of all COST Publications edited by COST Actions or the COST Office. Please note that COST does not commercialise its publications. A link to the publication is shown when available. If the box "Copies Available" appears, an extra copy is available from the COST Office (email: If not, please contact the relevant Action Chair, whose contact details can be found via the 'Domains and Actions' section of our website.

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2012 | Action Number: IS0603

COST Series on Health and Diversity Volume 2: Inequalities in Health Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities

Migrants and ethnic minorities form a growing part of the populations of Europe. They often have higher than average exposure to health risks, while facing barriers to accessing appropriate health care. International bodies have called for policy measures to tackle these inequalities.

COST Action IS0603 (Health Care for Migrants and Minorities in Europe) was a European network of researchers from more than 30 countries, which met between 2007 and 2011 to discuss how to strengthen the knowledge base on migration and ethnic minority health. The COST Series on Diversity and Health comprises two volumes written by the leading authorities in the field, illustrating the issues that were discussed.

This second volume is concerned with the changes that are needed to improve the matching of health services to the needs of these groups. Its chapters analyse work on ‘cultural competence’ in the USA and Europe, as well as the use of interpreters and cultural mediators to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers. Other topics covered include user involvement, services for unaccompanied minors and Roma communities, the relation between NGOs and mainstream services and the incorporation of non-Western approaches in Western health care. The final section of the book examines the health aspects of irregular migrations of the Mediterranean region, viewed in the context of the complex political, legal and human rights issues that this phenomenon raises.

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GraphITA 2011: Selected papers from the Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications of Graphene

In recent years, graphene based research has witnessed a tremendous explosion. This two dimensional "dream" material has come into the main spotlight of fundamental and applied research in diverse nano-science fields, but surprisingly rapidly, it has also attracted the interest of major stakeholders in the private sector (especially industries in the ICT sector). The technological exploitation of graphene can be considered to be based on four fundamental interconnected wide topics: growth and synthesis methods, nano-structuring and tailoring of graphene properties, structural and physical characterization, and device design and applications.

This proceedings book presents the results highlighted at GraphITA 2011, a multidisciplinary and intersectorial European Workshop on Synthesis, Characterization and Technological Exploitation of Graphene. The workshop realised on 15-18 May at Gran Sasso National Laboratories (Assegi-L'Aquila, Italy) has brought together scientists and engineers working on different technological uses of graphene in a multidisciplinary and multisectorial (academia/industry) environment.

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2012 | Action Number: 924

Environmentally Friendly and Safe Technologies for Quality of Fruits and Vegetables

  • Author(s): Carla Nunes (Ed)
  • Publisher(s): Universidade Do Algarve 2010
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-989-8472-01-4

Proceedings of the International Conference "Environmentally friendly and safe technologies for quality of fruit and vegetable", held in Universidade do Algarve, Faro, Portugal, on January 14-16, 2009. This Conference was a join activity with COST Action 924.

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2012 | Action Number: TU0701

Improving the Quality of Suburban Building Stock

  • Author(s): R. Di Giulio (Ed)
  • Publisher(s): UnifePress
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-88-96463-11-6

Members of the academic staff of the Faculty for the Built Environment were recently invited for the Final Conference of the European Science Foundation COST Action TU0701 held in Ferrara Italy and hosted by the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara. Perit Ruben Paul Borg, Dr Vince Buhagiar and Dr Paul Gauci, of the Faculty for the Built Environment, have been participating in the research group within the European Science Foundation - COST Action: Improving the Quality of Suburban Building Stock, for the past 4 years. The group addressed in particular building refurbishment strategies, quality assessment methodologies and quality standards in suburban housing.
Suburban building estates make up a large part of the European Urban heritage. Most of the buildings generally consist of multi-family housing blocks consisting of small apartments, which were completed after 1950 using low-cost technologies. Consequently they are characterised by poor quality and building defects. The aim of the research group was to investigate methods and technologies used in the rehabilitation and renovation of suburban housing settlements, intended to increase their value, and to improve safety and the quality of life of the inhabitants.
A number of reviewed scientific reports and books concerning the Quality of Building Stock and the Built Environment were published and edited by the research group and presented at the conference. The main research publications include the book “Suburbanscapes” (Published by Alinea Italy, 2012) and the second volume in a two volume series “Improving the Quality of Suburban Building Stock” (Published by UnifePress Italy, 2012), of which Perit Borg and Dr Gauci were co-editors and responsible for the scientific coordination. The first volume in the series had been coordinated and published in Malta by the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering of the University of Malta, on the occasion of the international conference in Valletta in 2010. Both volumes include a comprehensive collection of the most recent developments in research on quality assessment methods and refurbishment strategies covering the suburban building stock and housing, with contributions from the foremost European experts.

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2012 | Action Number: D40

Innovative Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: Oxidation, Hydrogenation and C-X Bond Forming Reactions

Authored by a European team of leaders in the field, this book compiles innovative approaches for C-X bond forming processes frequently applied in organic synthesis. It covers all key types of catalysis, including homogeneous, heterogeneous, and organocatalysis, as well as mechanistic and computational studies. Special attention is focused on the improvement of efficiency and sustainability of important catalytic processes, such as selective oxidations, hydrogenation and cross-coupling reactions.
The result is a valuable resource for both advanced researchers in academia and industry, as well as graduate students in organic chemistry aiming for chemo-, regio- or stereoselective synthesis of organic compounds using novel catalytic systems.

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2012 | Action Number: B28

BSL3 and BSL4 Agents: Epidemiology, Microbiology, and Practical Guidelines

In one handy book, this reference gathers all the necessary information on 14 of the most commonly used dangerous groups of pathogens in biosafety level 3 and 4 laboratories. All the chapters are uniformly structured, with a brief overview of the microbiology, pathology, epidemiology and detection methods for each group. In addition, a whole chapter is devoted to the special biosafety requirements, disinfection, decontamination protocols, accident literature and accident procedures, as well as treatment options for all the organisms. Shaded edging allows instant retrieval of this important part.

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2012 | Action Number: FP0603

Forest Models for Research and Decision Support in Sustainable Forest Management - Proceedings of the Final Meeting

COST FP0603 final Meeting in Pierroton (Bordeaux), France 1-2 March 2012

Forest growth models are important tools within research to investigate and understand key ecosystem processes and to support forest management decisions. Sustainable forest management requires detailed information on tree growth and forest dynamics, including structural development, biodiversity indicators, and effects of disturbances. This is reflected in increasing emphasis, throughout Europe, on more detailed, versatile forest growth models which are able to forecast forest growth, account for changes in growing conditions, address risks and society needs and explicitly address forest management and its role within sustainable development. The main objective of the Action is to promote the developing of methodologies to improve forest models to support the sustainable management of forests. The Action will enhance the quality and consistency of forest growth models to simulate the responses of forests to alternative managerial and climate scenarios. The Action will also demonstrate variations in regional concepts as they have evolved depending on the background of the model developers and society needs. This will be beneficial for the advancement of forest science in Europe, and will improve sustainable forest management practices.

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2012 | Action Number: MP0801

Special Issue Physics of Competition, Cooperation and Conflicts COST MP0801 in "Advances in Complex Systems"

This issue of Advances in Complex Systems is a special one dedicated to publications that have arisen out of the networking activities of concerted COST action MP0801. Action MP0801 was concerned with the physics of cooperation and competition. It followed a previous action, COST P10, physics of risk and was devoted to building capacity by connecting high-quality scientific communities throughout Europe and worldwide interested in these areas of complex system.

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2012 | Action Number: TU0603

Buses with High Level of Service - Final Report

  • Author(s): B. Finn, O. Heddebaut, A. Kerkhof, F. Rambaud, O. Sbert Lozano and C. Soulas (Eds.)
  • Download from external website
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-2-11-099577-3

All across Europe, new urban bus schemes of high quality are being implemented. These are known as BHLS – “Bus with High Level of Service”. They are not necessarily “new solutions” or some innovative form of transport looking for a market.  Many BHLS systems restore the efficiency buses had for most of the 20th Century when there were no congestion problems. They improve the network attractivity with the addition of significant investment in system reliability, customer support and marketing.
BHLS is a very important response to decades of systematic neglect of the bus mode. It provides a toolbox of relatively modest, cost effective measures that can be deployed in the biggest or smallest urban areas. It does not always require a very large capital investment, and it blends good operational practice with appropriate technologies.
This report presents the synthesis of 4 years of exchanges between 14 European countries about their BHLS experiences.
The objectives were shortly:

  • To highlight the strengths and the various scopes of the BHLS market, by analyzing 35 European BHLS schemes (of which 25 were visited and documented by this COST action).
  • To define some useful method tools, such as the “system” approach with its key performance indicators and conflicting requirements.
  • To define what could cover the High Level of Service for such means of transport.
  • To collect key recommendations/messages for promoting and strengthening this market.

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2012 | Action Number: 863

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Berries: From Genomics to Sustainable Production, Quality and Health

The papers contained in this volume of Acta Horticulture report the peer reviewed Proceedings of the International Symposium on Berries: From Genomics to Sustainable Production, Quality and Health, organized on the occasion of the XXVIII International Horticulture Congress, August 22 – 27, 2010 Lisbon, Portugal. Keynote speakers and authors of selected contributed oral and poster presentations were given the opportunity to submit a manuscript for publication.
The following broad subjects were discussed at the symposium, and are represented in the more than 100 articles and reports that comprise this publication: Genetics and Biotechnology; Cultivars Evaluation; Physiology; Cultivation; Pathology; Quality and Health Related Compounds; Economics.

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2012 | Action Number: CM0802

Phosphorus Compounds: Advanced Tools in Catalysis and Material Sciences

Each chapter of Phosphorus Compounds: Advanced Tools in Catalysis and Material Sciences has been carefully selected by the editors in order to represent a state-of-the-art overview of how phosphorus chemistry can provide solutions in various fields of applications.
The editors have assembled an international array of world-renowned scientists and each chapter is written by experts in the fields of synthetic chemistry, homogeneous catalysis, dendrimers, theoretical calculations, materials science, and medicinal chemistry with a special focus on the chemistry of phosphorus compounds.
This book series covers topics of interest to a wide range of academic and industrial chemists, and biochemists. Catalysis by metal complexes plays a prominent role in many processes. Developments in analytical and synthetic techniques and instrumentation, particularly over the last 30 years, have resulted in an increasingly sophisticated understanding of catalytic processes.
Industrial applications include the production of petrochemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals (particularly through asymmetric catalysis), hydrometallurgy, and waste-treatment processes. Many life processes are based on metallo-enzyme systems that catalyze redox and acid-base reactions.
Catalysis by metal complexes is an exciting, fast developing and challenging interdisciplinary topic which spans and embraces the three areas of catalysis: heterogeneous, homogeneous, and metallo-enzyme.
Catalysis by Metal Complexes deals with all aspects of catalysis which involve metal complexes and seeks to publish authoritative, state-of-the-art volumes which serve to document the progress being made in this interdisciplinary area of science.
Phosphorus Compounds: Advanced Tools in Catalysis and Material Sciences is of interest to a general leadership ranging from advanced university course students to experts in academia and chemistry.

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2012 | Action Number: IS0702

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights - Foundations and Implementation

The issue of corporate responsibilities has had a tumultuous history at the United Nations. When the Human Rights Council unanimously endorsed John Ruggie’s Guiding Principles in June 2011, it was the first time that the UN stated authoritatively its expectations in the area of business and human rights. This volume captures this special moment in time: a moment of taking stock of a successfully concluded UN Special Representative mandate (2005–2011) and of preparing for the massive task of following up with more operational guidance, effective governance mechanisms and sound theoretical treatments.
The 12 chapters in this collection offer an in-depth analysis of Ruggie’s reports with a special emphasis on regulatory and governance issues surrounding corporate responsibility. How does international human rights law handle corporations? Are we beginning to grasp the complexities and impacts of financial markets on human rights? What kind of corporate due diligence can make supply chains more socially sustainable? Why should parent companies act when their affiliates infringe rights? What is the potential of national human rights institutions in the area of business and human rights? What is the role of states and law in the social change process promoted by the corporate responsibility movement? How do we ‘orchestrate’ polycentric governance regimes to ensure respect for human rights?
Academics and practitioners, policymakers, business executives, civil society activists and legal professionals will find this collection useful as they embark on the difficult but exciting journey of refining and contextualising Ruggie’s foundational work.

Copies available


About COST 2012-2013

The aim of this pocket guide is to bring together all relevant information about COST into an “easy to use” publication. This guide includes information on the COST framework and goals, the Open Call for proposals, the running Actions, the networking tools and the COST National Coordinators (CNCs). The Actions are presented from the most recent ones to those ending this year. In order to highlight COST's interdisciplinary dimension, Trans-Domain Actions are presented in a separate sub-chapter. Complementary Action information can be found on the COST website (

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2012 | Action Number: MP0901

What can nanosurface materials do for us?

Nanomaterials promise a revolution in many areas of life, from electronics, to sensors and healthcare, industrial materials, food, security and transport. By reducing power consumption, device size or air pollution, or increasing the velocity of data transfer.

However if we are to use nanomaterials, how do we, in our 'macro' world, interact with them?

This COST factsheet highlights how COST Action MP0901 deals with the issues at hand.

Available for download

2012 | Action Number: IC0905

Paving the way for the mobile access of the future

Ever since GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) extended the accessibility of mobile phones to almost every member of our society, the drive for wireless communications has been relentless. This has, however, put enormous pressure on the provision of the essential resource needed for wireless information exchange – the radio spectrum. As a result, the radio spectrum – initially a wireless facilitator – has now become a bottleneck. Ironically, it is this same spectrum which often inhibits the innovation of new services and impacts on the outreach, capacity and quality of service of current wireless communications systems.

This COST factsheet highlights how COST Action IC0905 deals with the issues at hand.

Available for Download

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