In this section you can find an overview of all COST funded publications edited by COST Actions or the COST Association. Please note that COST does not commercialise its publications. If the box "Copies Available" appears, extra copies are available from the COST Association . If not, please contact the Action's Chair, whose details can be found via the 'Actions' section of our website.

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cover page

2012 | Action Number: MP0602

Handbook of High-Temperature Lead-Free Solders, Volume 2: Materials Properties

  • Pages: 145
  • Publisher(s): COST
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-80-905363-2-6

The first part lists thermodynamic measurements that have been generated during the course of this Action on a system by system basis. The second part lists the thermophysical properties, which is followed by a very short miscellaneous section covering essentially some mechanical property determinations.

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cover page

2012 | Action Number: MP0602

Handbook of High-Temperature Lead-Free Solders, Volume 1: Atlas of Phase Diagrams.

  • Pages: 218
  • Author(s): A. Dinsdale, A. Kroupa, A. Watson, J. Vrestal, A. Zemanova and P. Broz
  • Publisher(s): COST
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-80-905363-1-9

The Focus of the Cost Action was the investigation of Pb-free replacements for solders for high-temperature applications (250-350°). This comprised a study of the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of prospective alloys. The results are presented in the form of 3 books.

The main objective of this Cost Action MP0602 was to increase the fundamental knowledge of the crucial properties of alloys that can be used as environmentally friendly alternatives to high-temperature solders. The aim was to identify promising materials with a set of suitable properties, such as melting point, wettability and surface tension, which will allow them to be used successfully in a variety of industrial applications.

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2012 | Action Number: IS0906

Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace entitled "Generation and mediated relations"

This special issue is resulting from the work of the Working Groups on "The role of media and ICT use for evolving social relationships" and "Audience transformations and social integration" of the COST Action IS0906 "Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies".

Editorial: Introducing four empirical examples of the “generationing” process

Andra Siibak, Nicoletta Vittadini

Volume: 6(2)    Article: 1   doi: 10.5817/CP2012-2-1

The formation of new media preferences among pre-school children in the context of peer culture and home interaction: A pedagogical perspective

Kristi Vinter

Volume: 6(2)    Article: 2   doi: 10.5817/CP2012-2-2

Adolescents of the 1960s and 1970s: An Italian-Portuguese comparison between two generations of audiences

Piermarco Aroldi, Cristina Ponte

Volume: 6(2)    Article: 3   doi: 10.5817/CP2012-2-3

From "silent generation" to cyber-psy-site, story and history: The 14th Tank Brigade battles on public collective memory and official recognition

Miri Gal-Ezer

Volume: 6(2)    Article: 4   doi: 10.5817/CP2012-2-4

Ageing on-line in risk society: Elderly people managing the new risks via new media in the context of decreasing ontological security

Irena Carpentier Reifova, Sylvie Fiserova

Volume: 6(2)    Article: 5   doi: 10.5817/CP2012-2-5

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2012 | Action Number: IS0906

OBS* Special Issue `Networked belonging and networks of Belonging´

This special issue results from the work of Working Group 2, Task Force 3 of the Cost Action IS0906 “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies”.

For the large majority of people, daily life is spent online, with the Internet being the main tool for communication.
Within the COST Action “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies”, Observatorio (OBS*) is launching a special number covering Working Group 2, Task Force 3 research topics, under the general theme “Networked belonging and networks of belonging”, that also corresponds to the activities of the COST Action “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies”, that coordinates research efforts into the key transformations of European audiences within a changing media and communication environment, identifying their complex interrelationships with the social, cultural and political areas of European societies. Four interconnected but distinct topics concerning audiences are developed, all of pressing importance to both European communication research and European societies: New media genres, media literacy and trust in the media; Audience interactivity and participation; The role of media and ICT use for evolving social relationships; and Audience transformations and social integration.

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Cover page

2012 | Action Number: IC0803

Microwave and Milimeter Wave Circuits and Systems. Emerging Design, Technologies and Applications

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits and Systems: Emerging Design, Technologies and Applications provides a wide spectrum of current trends in the design of microwave and millimeter circuits and systems. In addition, the book identifies the state-of-the art challenges in microwave and millimeter wave circuits systems design such as behavioral modeling of circuit components, software radio and digitally enhanced front-ends, new and promising technologies such as substrate-integrated-waveguide (SIW) and wearable electronic systems, and emerging applications such as tracking of moving targets using ultra-wideband radar, and new generation satellite navigation systems. Each chapter treats a selected problem and challenge within the field of Microwave and Millimeter wave circuits, and contains case studies and examples where appropriate.

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Fish cover page

2012 | Action Number: 867

Welfare of Farmed Fish in Present and Future Production Systems

The book, entitled “Welfare of farmed fish in present and future production systems”, summarises the view of more than 80 experts in the field of fish welfare, collected over a period of more than five years in an international network entitled “Welfare of Fish in European Aquaculture” (Cost action 867).

During the time of the action a shift became evident in the general perception of fish welfare. It now not only includes variables with very direct effects on growth, and thereby the economy of the farmer, such as disease, water and feed quality, but the term also includes fish preferences and biology-based stimulation measures. This Cost action has contributed to the notion that welfare sets biological criteria for a sustainable production system. We present the reader with an overview of the results obtained, which can help to guide the way towards welfare of farmed fish in present and future production systems. The first chapter gives an overview of the scientific papers that follow. All scientific papers and the first chapter were previously published in Fish Physiology and Biochemistry, vol. 38, number 1, 2012. Given the accruing interest in fish welfare in society, each of these scientific papers should be accessible for stakeholders that are not part of the research community. For that reason each of the scientific papers is preceded by a summary for non-experts.

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Croatian Medical Journal


Personalised Medicine: Better Health for the Future

Personalised medicine, a discipline enabled by genetic, biopharma, diagnostic, and information and communications (ICT) technologies attempts to tailor disease treatment to individual patients. Personalised medicine is rapidly emerging as a state-of-the-art approach to diagnostics and therapeutics and is beginning to revolutionise our health care system, promising better medicine for all.

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Cover page

2012 | Action Number: TU0702

Real-Time Monitoring Surveillance and Control of Road Networks under Adverse Weather Conditions

  • Pages: 298
  • Author(s): Nour-Eddin El Faouzi; Bernhard Heilmann and editors
  • Publisher(s): INRETS
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-2-85782-699-6 | 0768-9756

This book contains the results of an interdisciplinary pan-European network of experts. It discusses how adverse weather conditions can impact freeways/motorways as well as urban networks as well as how to mitigate negative impacts of inclement weather conditions on traffic operations and road safety.

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Review of Applied-Statistical Methods For Flood-Frequency Analysis in Europe

2012 | Action Number: ES0901

Review of Applied-Statistical Methods For Flood-Frequency Analysis in Europe

  • Author(s): Castellarin, A. et al. (Eds)
  • Publisher(s): The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
  • Download (PDF, 5 MB)
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-906698-32-4

Flood frequency analysis is used for establishing a relationship between flood magnitude and frequency of occurrence (return period) and for estimating the design-flood at a given
location of interest. The approach can be implemented locally (At-Site Flood Frequency
Analysis, SFFA); or regionally (Regional Flood Frequency Analysis, RFFA), which is used to limit unreliable extrapolation when available data record lengths are short as compared to the recurrence interval of interest, or for predicting the flooding potential at locations where no observed data are available. Both SFFA and RFFA are mature disciplines and consolidated methodologies are available for many European regions. As a result, different European countries, and sometimes even different regions within a country, have adopted different methodologies, which are often selected on the basis of traditional approaches or restricted due to limitation of available data.
The main objective of the COST Action ES0901 European procedure for flood frequency
estimation (FloodFreq,, which started in 2010, is to undertake a pan-European comparison and evaluation of methods for flood frequency estimation under the various climatologic and geographic conditions found in Europe, and different levels of data availability, as required by European Flood Directive (2007/60/EC). In particular, Working Group 2 (WG2) is focusing on an assessment of statistical methods for flood frequency estimation. In the first phase of WG2, state-of-the-art methods were collected from all member countries of the WGs, and presented in a report form.
In this report, the description of applied frequency analysis methods is presented. The report also include a catalogue of flood data availability/unavailability across Europe together with relevant information (e.g., catchment descriptors, climatological [see above] and hydrological characteristics, indications on frequency distribution recommended for use in flood frequency studies) are collected and presented. Finally, this report presents some preliminary outcomes of analyses that aim to identify in an L moment-based framework the most suitable parent distributions for representing the frequency regime of annual maximum flood across Europe.

Electronic Publication

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COST Expert Flyer

This COST Expert flyer explains how you can express your interest in becoming a COST Expert to participate in the evaluation of proposals.

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2012 | Action Number: FP1004

Enhance mechanical properties of timber, engineered wood products and timber structures

  • Author(s): Key-Uwe Schober (Ed)
  • Publisher(s): University of Bath
  • ISBN/ISSN: 1-857-90176-2

Early Stage Researcher Conference. April 19-20, 2012, Zagreb, Croatia.

Clearly timber suffers in comparison with homogeneous, isotropic materials such as steel. There are many ways of addressing the variability timber, which is a result of it being a natural, harvested product. There are techniques for moderating the effects of timber's different strength and stiffness at angles to the grain. The objective of the COST Action is to bring together an understanding of the state of the art in research in these areas and to identify particular gaps in knowledge.

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2012 | Action Number: 871

Cryopreservation of crop species in Europe

  • Author(s): Agnes Grapin et al. (Eds)
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-92-898-0051-8

The Action wanted to improve and apply technologically advanced techniques for plant genetic resources conservation of crops that are grown and/or conserved in Europe with the main emphasis on long-term conservation through cryopreservation.

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2012 | Action Number: 2100

Pervasive Mobile and Ambient Wireless Communications

Pervasive Mobile and Ambient Wireless Communications reports the findings of COST 2100, a project of the European intergovernmental COST framework addressing various topics currently emerging in mobile and wireless communications. Drawing on experience developed in this and earlier COST projects, the text represents the final outcome of collaborative work involving more than 500 researchers in 140 institutions and 30 countries (including outside Europe).

The book’s subject matter includes: 

- transmission techniques;   

The research reported comes from a variety of backgrounds: academic, equipment-manufacturing and operational and the information contained in this book will bring the study reported to a wider audience from all those spheres of work. Pervasive Mobile and Ambient Wireless Communications will be of interest to researchers for its cutting-edge analysis and to practitioners for its functional usability.

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2012 | Action Number: BM0602

Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry : The Journal of Metabolic Diseases

Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry, Volume 118, Number 3, July 2012

Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry is a peer-reviewed journal, published 5 times a year by Informa Healthcare.

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2012 | Action Number: IS0807

Living in Surveillance Societies : The Ghosts of Surveillance

  • Author(s): C. William R. Webster et al. (Eds)
  • Publisher(s): Editura Universitatii ,,Alexandru Ioan Cuza'' IASI
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-973-703-701-5

This publication presents a collection of academic works associated with the second annual conference of the Living in Surveillance Societies (LiSS) which took place at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania, between 3 and 5 may 2011. The conference was Chaired by Dr William Webster and Dr Doina Balahur. The edited collection is organized around the diverse but related academic activities including : individual conference paper presentations, LiSS Working Group "Showcases", the LiSS Doctoral School and European Research workshop.

These activities have been captured in this edition in the form of full articles and papers, reports and summaries. Combined these contributions represent a considerable body of knowledge and some contemporary and up-to-date thinking about what it means to live in surveillance society.

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