In this section you can find an overview of all COST funded publications edited by COST Actions or the COST Association. Please note that COST does not commercialise its publications. If the box "Copies Available" appears, extra copies are available from the COST Association . If not, please contact the Action's Chair, whose details can be found via the 'Actions' section of our website.

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2015 | Action Number: FP0904

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Wood Behaviour and Processing

Copies available

2015 | Action Number: BM0904

High Density Lipoproteins From Biological Understanding to Clinical Exploitation

In this Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology on “High Density Lipoproteins – from biological understanding to clinical exploitation” contributing authors (members of COST Action BM0904/HDLnet) summarize in more than 20 chapters our current knowledge on the structure, function, metabolism and regulation of HDL in health and several diseases as well as the status of past and ongoing attempts of therapeutic exploitation.

2015 | Action Number: FA1003

VITIS Journal of Grapevine Research Volume 54, Special Issue - Progress in Vitis vinifera Diversity Evaluation and Use

  • Author(s): De Lorenzis, G., Rustioni, L., Failla, O. (Eds.)
  • Publisher(s): Institut für Rebenzüchtung Geilweilerhof des Julius-Kühn-Instituts, Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen
  • Download from external website
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0042-7500

COST Action FA1003 final publication. 

2015 | Action Number: CM1001

CM1001 Final Action Publication

COST Action CM1001 published a series of papers in the Redox Biology open access Journal, volumes 1-6:

2015 | Action Number: TD1104

Electrochemotherapy of tumors as in situ vaccination boosted by immunogene electrotransfer

Electroporation is a platform technology for drug and gene delivery. When applied to cell in vitro or tissues in vivo, it leads to an increase in membrane permeability for molecules which otherwise cannot enter the cell. The therapeutic effectiveness of delivered chemotherapeutics or nucleic acids depends greatly on their successful and efficient delivery to the target tissue. Therefore, the understanding of different principles of drug and gene delivery is necessary and needs to be taken into account according to the specificity of their delivery to tumors and/or normal tissues.

This open access article is a Focused Research Review based on a presentation given at the Fourteenth International Conference on Progress in Vaccination against Cancer (PIVAC 14), held in Rome, Italy in September 2014. The article proposes a strategy where electrochemotherapy treated tumours could be used as a live vaccine in conjuction with gene electrotransfer to tumours.

Copies available

2015 | Action Number: FP1404

Bio-based Building Products and Fire Safe Design of Buildings - Recent Developments - FP1404 Working Group Meeting

  • Author(s): Giraldo Forero, M.P., Lacasta Palacio, A.M.

This book of abstracts marks the beginning of our work towards a common understanding about fire safe use of bio‐based building products and a more harmonized and stronger market for these products. Although this is just the first Working Group meeting of COST Action FP1404, more than 25 participating countries contributed with 50 abstracts covering their national ambitions and challenges. This demonstrates the interest in the subject as well as the motivation of national research institutes, universities and industries to improve existing building techniques, materials, design approaches and regulations, moving towards more sustainable buildings that use extensively bio‐based products and are as safe in fire conditions as the current buildings with non‐combustible materials.

Copies available

2015 | Action Number: FP1404

Proceedings of the 1st European Workshop Fire Safety of Green Buildings

2015 | Action Number: IS1007

Culture in, for, and as Sustainable Development - Conclusions from the COST Action IS1007 - Investigating Cultural Sustainability

Culture matters in sustainable development. Yet, almost 30 years after the Brundtland publication "Our Common Future"and despite a few recent attempts by transnational and international organisations, and some cross-disciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific endeavours, the incorporation of culture into sustainability debates seems to be great scientific and political challenge, and one that questions the prevailing conventional sustainability discourses. 

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2015 | Action Number: TU1208

Recommendations for the Safety of People and Instruments in Ground-Penetrating Radar and Near-Surface Geophysical Prospecting

  • Pages: 68
  • Author(s): R. Persico (Italy), A. Provenzano (Italy), C. Trela (Germany), M. Sato (Japan), K. Takahashi (Japan), S. Arcone (USA), S. Koppenjan (USA), L. G. Stolarczyk (USA), E. C. Utsi (United Kingdom), S. Ebihara (Japan), K. Wada (Japan), E. Pettinelli (Italy) and L. Pajewski (Italy)
  • Publisher(s): EAGE Publications bv
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-94-62-82162-0

This book offers an in-depth overview on the risks associated to Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Near-Surface Geophysical Prospecting, providing the reader with practical recommendations for the safety of people and instruments.

The book stems out from the COST Action TU1208 "Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar" . It also benefited from the significant contribution of renowned experts not involved in the Action.

Among the main topics dealt with in the book, the reader will find:

  • general recommendations for a safe prospecting and minimal safety equipment to be brought in the field;
  • specific advice for experimental campaigns carried out in challenging environmental situations;
  • appropriate precautions related to specific kinds of GPR applications;
  • dangers associated to electromagnetic emissions and European regulations for GPR manufacturers and end-users.

The book includes a short medical first aid guide as well, which is specifically conceived for near-surface geophysical prospecting. Suggestions for correct use and safe transport of the equipment are also provided.

Copies available

2015 | Action Number: A35

Social Networks, Political Institutions and Rural Societies

This book is a collection of essays on social networks, social capital, and kinship in historical and contemporary rural societies. They span a wide range of European countries and historical situations, from early modern Flanders and Italy to present-day Austria and Armenia. All the essays describe in detail how people on the countryside connected with one another in formal or informal relations. In doing so, the authors use and critically discuss methods of historical interpretation, social network analysis, and econometrics.

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2015 | Action Number: IC0806

Intelligent Monitoring, Control, and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems

This book describes the challenges that critical infrastructure systems face, and presents state of the art solutions to address them. How can we design intelligent systems or intelligent agents that can make appropriate real-time decisions in the management of such large-scale, complex systems? What are the primary challenges for critical infrastructure systems? The book also provides readers with the relevant information to recognize how important infrastructures are, and their role in connection with a society’s economy, security and prosperity. It goes on to describe state-of-the-art solutions to address these points, including new methodologies and instrumentation tools (e.g. embedded software and intelligent algorithms) for transforming and optimizing target infrastructures.

The book is the most comprehensive resource to date for professionals in both the private and public sectors, while also offering an essential guide for students and researchers in the areas of modeling and analysis of critical infrastructure systems, monitoring, control, risk/impact evaluation, fault diagnosis, fault-tolerant control, and infrastructure dependencies/interdependencies. The importance of the research presented in the book is reflected in the fact that currently, for the first time in human history, more people live in cities than in rural areas, and that, by 2050, roughly 70% of the world’s total population is expected to live in cities.

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2015 | Action Number: IC0902

Cognitive Radio and Networking for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks - Recent Advances and Visions for the Future

  • Pages: 405
  • Author(s): Di Benedetto, M.-G., Cattoni, A., Fiorina, J., Bader, F., De Nardis, L. (Eds.)
  • Publisher(s): Springer

This book, written by leading experts from academia and industry, offers a condensed overview on hot topics among the Cognitive Radios and Networks scientific and industrial communities (including those considered within the framework of the European COST Action IC0902) and presents exciting visions for the future. Examples of the subjects considered include the design of new filter bank-based air interfaces for spectrum sharing, medium access control design protocols, the design of cloud-based radio access networks, an evolutionary vision for the development and deployment of cognitive TCP/IP, and regulations relevant to the development of a spectrum sharing market. The concluding chapter comprises a practical, hands-on tutorial for those interested in developing their own research test beds. By focusing on the most recent advances and future avenues, this book will assist researchers in understanding the current issues and solutions in Cognitive Radios and Networks designs.

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2015 | Action Number: IS0805

Managing Crises, Making Peace - Towards a Strategic EU Vision for Security and Defense

This collection offers valuable insights for understanding how a distinctive EU vision on peace missions has emerged and whether it is there to last. Bringing an innovative perspective to European Union engagement in peace operations, this volume combines theoretical reflection with the analysis of empirical case studies that illustrate not only the EU's action in the framework of its Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP), but also how it engages with other actors in the field including international organisations, non-governmental organisations and local citizens.

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2015 | Action Number: BM0902

Congenital Erythrocytosis and Hereditary Thormbocytosis - Clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. A practical guide with clinical studies

  • Author(s): Bento C., Cario H., Gardie, B., Hermouet S., McMullin M.F. coord.
  • Download (PDF, 14 MB)
  • ISBN/ISSN:  | 

The present book presents the latest knowledge on congenital erythrocytosis (CE) and hereditary thrombocytosis (HT), with the aim to help pediatricians, family practitioners and hematologists to diagnose CE and HT more easily.  

Copies available

2015 | Action Number: TU1304

Trends and Challenges for Wind Energy Harvesting

WINERCOST is a COST Action aiming to merge the efforts of the European research groups working on the Wind Energy Technology (WET) and the pathways to introduce it by means of robust applications to the urban and suburban built environment, thus enhancing the concept of Smart Future Cities. This Action revisits safe, cost-effective and societally accepted wind energy technology for consideration in the design and development of the future urban/suburban habitat. The Workshop “Trends and Challenges for Wind Energy Harvesting “ addresses the state of art of Wind Energy Technology from the point of view of the applications on wind simulation and characterisation, Built Environment Wind Energy Technology (BWT) advances, ON- and OFFSHORE projects and the social acceptance of WET installations.

Copies available

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