In this section you can find an overview of all COST funded publications edited by COST Actions or the COST Association. Please note that COST does not commercialise its publications. If the box "Copies Available" appears, extra copies are available from the COST Association . If not, please contact the Action's Chair, whose details can be found via the 'Actions' section of our website.

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2017 | Action Number: FP1303

Performance of Bio-based Building Materials (1st Edition)

Performance of Bio-based Building Materials provides guidance on the use of bio-based building materials (BBBM) with respect to their performance. The book focuses on BBBM currently present on the European market. The state-of-the-art is presented regarding material properties, recommended uses, performance expectancies, testing methodology, and related standards.

Chapters cover both ‘old and traditional’ BBBM since quite a few of them are experiencing a comeback on the market. Promising developments that could become commercial in the near future are presented as well.

The book will be a valuable reference resource for those working in the bio-based materials research community, architects and agencies dealing with sustainable construction, and graduate students in civil engineering.

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2017 | Action Number: TD0902

Under the Sea: Archaeology and Palaeolandscapes of the Continental Shelf

This book focuses on issues of method and interpretation in studies of submerged landscapes, concentrating on illustrations and case studies from around Europe with additional examples from other parts of the world. Such landscapes were once exposed as dry land during the low sea levels that prevailed during the glacial periods that occupied most of the past million years and provided extensive new territories for human exploitation.

This volume is based on work from COST Action SPLASHCOS, a four-year multi-disciplinary and multi-national research program supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) and has something to benefit all those with an interest in the sea floor of the continental shelf and the archaeological and social impact of sea-level change, including archaeologists, marine scientists, geographers, cultural-heritage managers, commercial and governmental organisations, policy makers and interested members of the public.

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2017 | Action Number: TD0902

Coastline Changes of the Baltic Sea from South to East

This book discusses sea-level and coastline changes. These topics are becoming increasingly important for populations living along the edge of the world’s oceans and seas, especially in areas where eustatic sea-level rise is superimposed on isostatic subsidence and storm-induced coastal erosion. This is the case at the southern and eastern Baltic Sea coast: in the south, glacio-isostatic subsidence enhances the effect of climate-induced sea-level rise and strong storm effects are causing a continuous retreat of the coast.

This anthology comprises the results of the research project “Coastline Changes of the southern Baltic Sea – Past and future projection (CoPaF)” funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which was run by a team of Estonian, German, Lithuanian, and Polish geoscientists and coastal engineers from 2010 to 2013 and overlapped with and complemented the work of COST Action SPLASHCOS supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). As the southern and eastern Baltic serves as a natural laboratory for the investigation of coastal processes, the project’s findings contribute not only to the solution of regional problems in Baltic coastal research and engineering, but also to worldwide interests in description, modelling and parameterization of coastal processes and morphodynamics.

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2017 | Action Number: IS1202

Policy Implications of Virtual Work

Digital technologies have changed the workplace and the way we work. COST Action IS1202 - "Dynamics of Virtual Work" has gathered a group of specialists from 30 European countries and many associated institutes in other parts of the world to discuss how the new forms of digital work should be reflected in labour policies across Europe and beyond.

Digital technologies have changed the way people get paid or how their rights are perceived. Researchers have teamed up with policy makers and came up with a series of questions that will need to be addressed in order to adapt labour regulation and policy to the dynamics of today's online work. 

These questions are now part of a book series published with Palgrave Macmillan: 

  • What is the quality of the new jobs created in terms of security, pay and working conditions?
  • How does the existing education system prepare young people for a future in which they may need to hold multiple jobs? 
  • What kinds of employment contracts are currently used for digital workers and how well do they correspond to the actualities of power and autonomy in new employment relationships? 
  • What rights do public authorities have to inspect and regulate online platforms and the working conditions of their workers? 
  • How can new forms of digital work create the basis for career breaks and changes, compatible with work-life balance and family development? 
  • What pension rights are available to virtual workers? 

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2017 | Action Number: IS1105

The Future of the Law of the Sea - Bridging Gaps Between National, Individual and Common Interests

This book summarises the achievements of COST Action MARSAFENET

The book explores the diverse phenomena which are challenging the international law of the sea today, using the unique perspective of a simultaneous analysis of the national, individual and common interests at stake. This perspective, which all the contributors bear in mind when treating their own topic, also constitutes a useful element in the effort to bring today’s legal complexity and fragmentation to a homogenous vision of the sustainable use of the marine environment and of its resources, and also of the international and national response to maritime crimes.The volume analyzes the relevant legal frameworks and recent developments, focusing on the competing interests which have influenced State jurisdiction and other regulatory processes. An analysis of the competing interests and their developments allows us to identify actors and relevant legal and institutional contexts, retracing how and when these elements have changed over time.

More related scientific publications are available here:  

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2017 | Action Number: ES1105

Handbook of Cyanobacterial Monitoring and Cyanotoxin Analysis

This handbook contains reviews, practical methods and standard operating procedures on cyanobacterial monitoring and cyanotoxin analysis.

  • A valuable and practical working handbook containing introductory and specialist content that tackles a major and growing field of environmental, microbiological and ecotoxicological monitoring and analysis.
  • Includes introductory reviews, practical analytical chapters and a comprehensive listing of almost thirty Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • For use in the laboratory, in academic and government institutions and industrial settings.

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2016 | Action Number: FP1402, FP1404

Proceedings of the Joint Conference of COST Actions FP1402 & FP1404 KTH Building Materials

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2016 | Action Number: CM1404

Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies - SMARTCATs COST Action

The Special Issue will contain the latest results gained in this framework with a special focus on: detailed chemistry and thermochemistry for their combustion, pyrolysis, and oxidation, formation of by-products deriving from their combustion, advanced diagnostics from elementary reaction rate determination to real time measurements in practical devices, mechanism reduction and uncertainty analysis, test cases for the use of standard and new energy carriers in advanced combustion systems.

SMARTCATs COST Action  is a pan-european network of scientists and companies focused on the study of combustion of a vast palette of energy carriers finalized to the development and optimization of fuel flexible, efficient, advanced and emerging combustion technologies. The main aim is to allow the use of whatever available and suitable energy carrier in the best available combustion technologies.

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2016 | Action Number: FP1103

European Ash – Consequences and Guidelines for Sustainable Management

Since mid-1990s, severe dieback of ash started to spread over most European countries. This emerging disease resulted in massive tree mortality and threatens the existence of ash trees over the continent. The causal agent of the disease is  Hymenoscyphus fraxineus , an alien and invasive fungus that originates from Far East Asia, and most likely entered Europe with imported ash trees.

The FRAXBACK project

Already in the first decade of the 21st century, many European countries initiated national research programs on ash dieback, focusing on numerous aspects of the biology, ecology and management of the disease, but by 2010 the activities were scattered. The COST Action FP1103  FRAXBACK  (funds provided by European Cooperation in Science & Technology) aimed to share and synthesize available knowledge, initiate collaborations on European scale, generate comprehensive understanding of the ash dieback phenomenon, and to elaborate state of the art practical guidelines for sustainable management of ash trees in Europe. The new book includes part of the outcomes of this collaborative project, mainly concerning impact and management of ash dieback. Yet another volume, focused mainly on biology and ecology of the disease, is on its way.

2016 | Action Number: FP1407

Life Cycle Assessment, EPDs and modified wood - proceedings of the 1st ModWoodLife international conference

  • Author(s): Kutnar, A., Burnard, M., Schwarzkopf, Simmons, A.
  • Publisher(s): University of Primorska Press
  • Download (PDF, 7 MB)
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-961-6963-89-3

The proceedings are meant to communicate scientific knowledge to an industry representatives, thus enabling the optimisation of wood modification processing and the development of new modification processes. This is critical for linking efforts from academia, industry and other relevant stakeholders. 

The proceedings are available for download: 

2016 | Action Number: MP1105

Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Textile Related Products

This Special Issue of  Polymers  is the result of the scientific work and subsequent discussions and collaborations that took place during four years (May 2012–May 2016) of the COST Action MP1105 "FLARETEX: Sustainable flame retardancy for textiles and related materials based on nanoparticles substituting conventional chemicals". The Action involved 30 countries and more than 850 participants attended the 20 organized events up to December 2015; four events including the final conference are planned for 2016. The participants included post graduate students, early career researchers, established academics, engineers, and researchers/technologists from industry. The work done by the members of this Action from 2012 until 2016 is an important source of information regarding recent developments in the area of fire safety, and environmentally friendly flame retardant solutions for textiles and related materials.

This Special Issue of  Polymers  is devoted to the “Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Textile Related Products", the theme of the COST Action MP 1105. This Special Issue will include papers with the most recent advances on Thermal Stability and Fire Retardancy of Textiles, Polymer Blends and Composite Materials. The publication will respect all rules and procedures requested by the journal and by the Editorial Office of MDPI. On behalf of the Guest Editors, we would like to invite you to submit your unpublished and original results which may be part of this Special Issue.

2016 | Action Number: FP1407

Innovative production technologies and increased wood products recycling and reuse - proceedings of the second international conference of COST Action FP1407

  • Author(s): Kutnar, A., Schwarzkopf, M., Burnard, M., Sebera, V., Troppová, E.
  • Publisher(s): Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Download (PDF, 5 MB)
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-80-7509-429-2 | 

The second international conference organised by Action FP1407 ModWoodLife focused on innovation and the environmental aspects of using wood and wood products, presenting state-of-the-art production technologies in wood modification, as well as the development of recycling technologies and systems for modified wood and related barriers and challenges.

Special emphasis was given to cascade use of wood and related environmental impacts.

The proceedings are available for download:

Proceedings cover

2016 | Action Number: FP1404, FP1402

Cross Laminated Timber: a competitive wood product for visionary and fire safe buildings - FP1402 & FP1404 conference proceedings

  • Pages: 195
  • Author(s): Falk, A., Dietsch P. and Schmid, J.
  • Publisher(s): USAB
  • Download (PDF, 28 MB)
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-91-7729-043-8

Proceedings of the Joint Conference of COST Actions FP1402 and FP1404

This conference has compiled knowledge about the material and its use, focusing on the design of CLT structures in ambient and fire situations. To this aim, two COST Actions – FP1402 Basis of structural timber design – from research to standards, and FP1404 Fire Safe Use of Bio-Based Building Products – joined efforts to provide contributions and presentations from world leading experts and to bring together expert communities to realize a scientific discourse on these important and interdisciplinary topics, leading to further joint harmonisation progression in research and development.

This Joint Conference was meant to contribute to a high-quality and open scientific and technical dialogue within the timber community. The programme therefore included time for debate after the presentations as well as the formation of Think Tanks in which all participants, guided by essential questions, discussed the future challenges and development of CLT.

Copies available

2016 | Action Number: CM1103

Structure-based drug design for diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases

The articles published in this open access journal stem from the work of COST Action CM1103

Monoamine neurotransmitters such as dopamine, noradrenaline, histamine and serotonin play a central role in the pathophysiology of major neuropsychiatric illnesses, such as anxiety and mood disorders, schizophrenia, autism-spectrum disorders, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and dementias. The aim of this Research Topic is to highlight interdisciplinary research using drug design, data-mining, structure-based drug design, medicinal chemistry and biological investigation in vitro and in vivo disease models, with input from behavioral and genetic studies. In this issue we encourage submissions of basic and/or clinical studies and review papers that summarize current knowledge and point out important deficiencies in our current understanding of the important monoamines systems.

Open access articles

2016 | Action Number: FP1207

Bioeconomy and ecosystem services – synergy or conflict? Horizontal and vertical policy analysis, modelling and orchestration in practice

  • Pages: 77
  • Author(s): Packalen, T., Lier, M. (Eds.)
  • Publisher(s): Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
  • Download (PDF, 3 MB)

Final Conference Proceedings of FPS COST Action FP1207

The final conference focused on the new knowledge and means that can be used by policy and decision makers to coordinate and streamline forest-related policies. Topics specifically referred to bioeconomy and ecosystem services.

COST Action ORCHESTRA is based on the continuous collaboration of many scientific groups: quantitative modellers, economists, sociologists and policy scientists. They have improved the understanding of governance issues, quantitative forestry and forest sector modelling, as well as collaborative processes. For example, quantitative economic models are useful for the analysis of trade-offs between different policy targets and cost-efficiency of alternative policy measures, whereas qualitative methods common in sociology and policy science are applicable for policy analysis and support. Consequently, modelling policy impacts requires the integration of both quantitative and qualitative approaches. 

In this context, the Action was established to support the coherence of forest-related policy targets and the efficiency of policy measures. 

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