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2015 | Action Number: FA1005

The Impact of Food Bioactives on Health - In Vitro and Ex Vivo Models

The book is an asset to researchers wishing to study the health benefits of their foods and food bioactives of interest and highlights which in vitro/ex vivo assays are of greatest relevance to their goals, what sort of outputs/data can be generated and, as noted above, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the various assays. It is also an important resource for undergraduate students in the ‘food and health’ arena.

Open Access

2015 | Action Number: CM1005

Supramolecular Chemistry in Water

This themed collection published in  Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry  (OBC) highlights some of the latest exciting research in Supramolecular Chemistry in Water. The issue is Guest Edited by Professors Tony Davis (University of Bristol, United Kingdom), Antonella Dalla Cort (Università La Sapienza, Italy), and Stefan Kubik (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany). New articles will be added to this collection as they are published.

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2015 | Action Number: IS1007

Culture and Sustainability in European Cities - Imagining Europolis

This book reveals in a pluralistic way how European cities are generating new approaches to their sustainable development, and the special contribution of culture to these processes. It addresses both a deficit of attention to small and medium-sized cities in the framework of European sustainable development, and an underestimation of the role of culture, artistic expression and creativity for integrated development of the city as a prerequisite to urban sustainability. On the basis of a broad collection of case studies throughout Europe, representing a variety of regionally specific cultural models of sustainable development, the book investigates how participative culture, community arts, and more generally, creativity of civic imagination are conducive to the goal of a sustainable future of small and medium-sized cities. 

This is an essential volume for researchers and postgraduate students in urban studies, cultural studies, cultural geography and urban sociology as well as for policymakers and practitioners wanting to understand the specificity of European cities as hubs of innovation, creativity and artistic industriousness.

Copies available

2015 | Action Number: IS1007

Theory and Practice in Heritage and Sustainability - Between past and future

This book explores cultural sustainability and its relationships to heritage from a wide interdisciplinary perspective. By examining the interactions between people and communities in the places where they live it exemplifies the diverse ways in which a people-centred heritage builds identities and supports individual and collective memories. It encourages a view of heritage as a process that contributes through cultural sustainability to human well-being and socially- and culturally-sensitive policy.

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2015 | Action Number: IS1007

Cultural Sustainability and Regional Development - Theories and practices of territorialisation

This book launches the concept of ‘territorialisation’ by exploring how the natural environment and culture are constitutive of each other. This concept allows us to study the characterisation of the natural assets of a place, the means by which the natural environment and culture interact, and how communities assign meaning to local assets, add functions and ascribe rules of how to use space. By highlighting the time-space dimension in the use and consumption of resources, territorialisation helps to frame the concept and grasp the meaning of sustainable regional development. Drawing on an international range of case studies, the book addresses both conceptual issues and practical applications of ‘territorialisation’ in a range of contexts, forms, and scales. 

The book will be of great interest to researchers and postgraduates in sustainable development, environmental studies, and regional development and planning.

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2015 | Action Number: ES1004

Special issue of the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Open Access Journal

Coupled chemistry–meteorology modelling: status and relevance for numerical weather prediction, air quality and climate communities (SI of EuMetChem COST ES1004) (ACP/GMD inter-journal SI)

2015 | Action Number: ES1005

Earth’s climate response to a changing Sun

  • Pages: 346
  • Author(s): De Wit, D.T., Ermolli, I., Haberreiter, M., Kambezidis, H., Lam, M.M., Lilensten, J., Matthes, K., Mironova, I., Schmidt, H., Seppala, A., Tanskanen, E., Tourpali, K., Yair, Y. (Eds.)
  • Publisher(s): EDP Sciences
  • Download from external website

For centuries, scientists have been fascinated by the role of the Sun in the Earth's climate system. Recent discoveries, outlined in this book, have gradually unveiled a complex picture, in which our variable Sun affects the climate variability via a number of subtle pathways, the implications of which are only now becoming clear. 

This handbook proves the scientifically curious, from undergraduate students to policy makers with a complete and accessible panorama of our present understanding of the Sun-climate connection. TOSCA , a COST-funded research network of 61 experts from different communities have contributed to it, which reflects the highly multidisciplinary nature of this topic. 

The handbook is organised as a mosaic of short chapters, each of which addresses a specific aspect, and can be read independently. The reader will learn about the assumptions, the data, the models, and the unknowns behind each mechanism by which solar variability may impact climate variability. None of these mechanisms can adequately explain global warming observed since the 1950s. However, several of them do impact climate variability, in particular on a regional level. This handbook aims at addressing these issues in a factual way, and thereby challenge the reader to sharpen his/her critical thinking in a debate that is frequently distorted by unfounded claims. 

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2015 | Action Number: IS1004

Mobile Research Methods - Opportunities and Challenges of Mobile Research Methodologies

  • Pages: 157
  • Author(s): Toninelli, D., Pinter, R., de Pedraza, P. (Eds.)
  • Publisher(s): Ubiquity Press, London
  • Download (PDF, 14 MB)

Daily activity sees data constantly flowing through cameras, the internet, satellites, radio frequencies, sensors, private appliances, cars, smartphones, tablets and the like. Among all the tools currently used, mobile devices, especially mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, are the most widespread, with their use becoming prevalent in everyday life within both developed and developing countries.

Mobile devices allow a wide range of heterogeneous activities and, as a result, have great potential in terms of the different types of data that can be collected. The use of mobile devices to collect, analyse and apply research data is explored here. This book focuses on the use of mobile devices in various research contexts, aiming to provide a detailed and updated knowledge on what is a comparatively new field of study. This is done considering different aspects: main methodological possibilities and issues; comparison and integration with more traditional survey modes or ways of participating in research; quality of collected data; use in commercial market research; representativeness of studies based only on the mobile-population; analysis of the current spread of mobile devices in several countries, and so on. Thus, the book provides interesting research findings from a wide range of countries and contexts.

This book was developed in the framework of WebDataNet’s Task Force 19. WebDataNet, was created in 2009 by a group of researchers focusing on the discussion on data collection methods. Supported by the European Union programme for the Coordination of Science and Technology, WebDataNet has become a unique, multidisciplinary network that has brought together leading web-based data collection experts from several institutions, disciplines, and relevant backgrounds from more than 35 different countries.

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2015 | Action Number: IS1002

Occupational Medicine - MODERNET Special Issue

COST Action MODERNET's work is featured in a special issue of the Journal of the Society of Occupational Medicine (Volume 65, Number 8 November 2015).

Copies available

2015 | Action Number: ES0702

Exploiting existing ground-based remote sensing networks to improve high resolution weather forecasts

  • Author(s): Illingworth, A.J., Cimini, D., Gaffard, C., Haeffelin, M., Lehmann, V., Löhnert, U., O’Connor, E.J., Ruffieux, D.
  • Publisher(s): Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
  • Download from external website
  • ISBN/ISSN:  | 

COST Action EG-CLIMET's article published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 2015. 

Copies available

2015 | Action Number: TD0903

Biomineralization: From Fundamentals to Biomaterials & Environmental Issues

  • Pages: 360
  • Author(s): Marin, F., Brümmer, Checa, A., Furtos, G., Lesci, I.G., Šiller, L. (Eds.)
  • Publisher(s): Trans Tech Publications
  • Download from external website

Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the Special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers only. The 25 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: From Microbes to Molluscs: Non-Vertebrate Models in Biomineralization; Chapter 2: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Proteomics for Studying Biominerals; Chapter 3: Biomaterials for Biomedical Application; Chapter 4: Biominerals as Sentinels for Environmental Studies

2015 | Action Number: FP0904

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Wood Behaviour and Processing

Copies available

2015 | Action Number: BM0904

High Density Lipoproteins From Biological Understanding to Clinical Exploitation

In this Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology on “High Density Lipoproteins – from biological understanding to clinical exploitation” contributing authors (members of COST Action BM0904/HDLnet) summarize in more than 20 chapters our current knowledge on the structure, function, metabolism and regulation of HDL in health and several diseases as well as the status of past and ongoing attempts of therapeutic exploitation.

2015 | Action Number: FA1003

VITIS Journal of Grapevine Research Volume 54, Special Issue - Progress in Vitis vinifera Diversity Evaluation and Use

  • Author(s): De Lorenzis, G., Rustioni, L., Failla, O. (Eds.)
  • Publisher(s): Institut für Rebenzüchtung Geilweilerhof des Julius-Kühn-Instituts, Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen
  • Download from external website
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0042-7500

COST Action FA1003 final publication. 

2015 | Action Number: CM1001

CM1001 Final Action Publication

COST Action CM1001 published a series of papers in the Redox Biology open access Journal, volumes 1-6:

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