08 September 2011 | General, BMBS, CMST, ESSEM, FA, FPS, ISCH, ICT, MPNS, TUD, TD
COST country focus: Serbia

The former Yugoslavia was one of the founding members of COST in 1971 and in 2007, Serbia became an independent member. The national COST Office is hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development.


Serbia has participated to date in 228 Actions and is Action Chair for one of these in the MPNS Domains.

Through the Action which it chairs, Serbia has helped to improve the physical and electronic properties of advanced electroceramics and thick films.

Through its Action involvement, the country has contributed to multidisciplinary chestnut research, understanding and combating porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome in Europe, information and knowledge management for integrated media communications systems, as well as the utilisation of biomass for sustainable fuels and chemicals.

Serbia is active across all COST domains. More information on all the COST Actions which Serbia both chairs and participates in can be found on the new COST country page .

This country focus fits in a summer series in which we visit each COST country in alphabetical order to highlight its achievements in the COST Programme.

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