27 June 2017 | General
Dr Ronald de Bruin stresses the importance of research and innovation impact at K4I event

At the K4I's Europe’s future: Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the Worldevent on the recently published RISE report, COST Association Director Dr Ronald de Bruin pointed out the importance of creating and measuring the impact behind research and innovation funding.

"Scientific research and the creation of knowledge are collaborative processes taking place in a dynamic and interactive way, so we need a multifaceted approach", Dr De Bruin added.

Dr de Bruin also presented how the COST Association addresses the matter: "We work towards measuring this impact by looking at what we call a COST Action's <lifecycle impact>. This starts as early as drafting the proposal (ex-ante), by bringing networks of proposers together and stimulating the inclusion of young researchers and researchers from Widening countries. We emphasise the importance of impact throughout the whole project."

Through this multifaceted perspective on impact, the COST Association makes sure that the budget allocated to individual networks is used efficiently. "We also believe that such a perspective on impact should be taken into account when discussing the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation", Dr De Bruin commented. 

The RISE report  is a basis for further reflection and debate throughout Europe with experts and stakeholders on the economic and social policy rationale for an open EU Research and Innovation strategy. 

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