16 December 2014 | General
New COST Open Call now published

You will be able to submit your COST Action proposal as of February 2015. The next Collection Date is 24 March 2015.

People Working

A series of documents outlining the new Open Call features and evaluation criteria (part of the set of COST Implementation Rules) are now available on the Open Call page, helping you throughout the application process. The new approach will ensure a simple, transparent and competitive proposal evaluation and selection in line with the bottom-up, open and inclusive nature of COST.

New features in brief:

  • A single submission stage
  • Proposals of up to 15 pages
  • A three-step approach to approving Actions
  • Open to all fields in science and technology 

Researchers benefit from a one-stage submission. The proposal requires filling in several sections via the new e-COST online submission tool as well as the  Technical Annex  of up to 15 pages, uploaded via the same tool. 

The Guidelines for submitting COST Action proposals and evaluation criteria will be available on the Open Call page in January 2015. Proposals can be submitted as of February 2015.

Visit the Open Call page for more information in the upcoming weeks. 

The new approach to the Open Call reflects recommendations from various independent observers and will allow for more simplification and efficiency.

Open to all fields of Science and Technology, the proposals must include researchers from at least five COST Member Countries or Cooperating State. There are two Collection Dates every year (spring/autumn) when all the submitted proposals are gathered and considered for evaluation.

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