15 February 2018 | General
Extension of Memorandum of Understanding between COST and Joint Research Centre

COST and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) have signed an extension to their Memorandum of Understanding, which will cover the next five years. The extension strengthens the commitment between the two organisations to work together in order to promote research excellence through networking activities.

Since 2015, when the Memorandum of Understanding was initially signed, both organisations have been collaborating in the coordination of Science and Technology networking activities, as well as through the policy lead activities of the JRC and the COST Association. The main activities concern:

  • Development of synergies
  • Exchange of information and best practices
  • Organisation of joint workshops
  • Participation of JRC in COST Actions and COST Connect events
  • COST Actions as a pool of excellence for the JRC

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding, COST Director Ronald de Bruin highlights:   “Science-informed policy advice is an important activity in the COST Actions, for example, through linking COST Actions relevant to the topic of the JRC Knowledge Centres and its infrastructures.” 

Click here to read the news story about the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in 2015. 

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