18 May 2018 | General
Malta Info Day - COST opens doors to lifelong professional relationships

'COST opens doors and builds bridges between labs, providing lifelong professional relationships and increases the probability of receiving Horizon 2020 grants.'

Researchers from Malta gathered at the COST Info Day held in Kalkara on the 18 th May 2018, to discover how they could boost their careers through participating in COST Actions. Attendees heard first-hand testimonials from previous Action participants, who spoke of the positive impact they had experienced through research networking.  Attendees also learnt how they could prepare successful project proposals to launch new Actions and how they could join existing Actions. 

Whilst in Malta, COST Director, Dr Ronald de Bruin (2nd left photo below), held a meeting with Hon. Silvio Schembri (3rd left photo below), Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, and Dr Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando (4th left photo below), Executive Chairman Malta Council for Science and Technology, to discuss the importance of COST for the Maltese research community.  During the meeting, Dr De Bruin explained the COST Strategic Plan and the upcoming negotiations regarding the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Meeting to discuss increasing participation levels of Maltese researchers in COST

Dr Ronald de Bruin said of the trip “It was a great pleasure to meet Hon. Silvio Schembri and Dr. Jeffery Pullicino to discuss ways to increase the participation levels of Maltese researchers in COST Actions. It was evident from the Info Day that there is already an excellent basis and desire from the research community of Malta to achieve this goal.”

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