21 February 2014 | General
COST is listening

2014 marks a turning point for COST, with the establishment of a new implementing structure, the COST Association, and the transition from FP7 to Horizon 2020. In order to prepare for this transition, the COST Office and the current implementing agent for COST, ESF, are collaborating to finalise FP7 activities.

As part of this effort, the COST Office and the ESF have commissioned a Customer Satisfaction Survey and an Impact Study, designed to help COST constantly improve the support it provides to Europe’s science and technology communities and to increase the impact generated by COST Actions. 

This year’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and the Impact Study have been designed and commissioned on the basis of recommendations made by a High-Level Expert Panel appointed by COST to provide specialist advice on customer satisfaction evaluation and impact analysis .

Data for these studies is currently being collected through online surveys, targeting the following COST stakeholder constituencies: 

  • Open Call participants
  • Action Management Committee members
  • Domain Committee members
  • CSO members and CNCs  

Should you be part of any of the abovementioned groups, you may have recently been invited to participate in a survey, or may be invited to do so in the near future. The survey period will end in mid March 2014.

The COST Office would like to thank in advance all those who take part in the surveys for their valuable contribution, which will help COST continue fostering scientific and technological excellence and inclusiveness in Europe, by supporting bottom-up, open, science and technology networks involving European researchers.

Should you wish to have further information about this exercise, please contact the Communications and Conferences department at communications@cost.eu .

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