24 May 2013 | General
International Transport Forum Summit 2013 “Funding Infrastructure”

International Transport Forum Summit 2013 “Funding Infrastructure” Side Event: Value Creation & Value Capture: The Next Generation of PPPs

COST Action TU1001: Public Private Partnerships in Transport: Trends & Theory (P3T3) was present this year at the International Transport Forum Summit on “Funding Infrastructure” with the organisation of a side event. The objective was to put forward the Action’s proposal for the next generation of Public Private Partnerships, supported by a large set of research activities and outcomes achieved so far.

Addressing an audience of over 150 participants, the session chaired by Prof. Rosário Macário (Instituto Superio Tecnico, Action working group leader) reported on experience from the financing sector (Mr. Frank Beckers, Symbulos), the USA (Prof. Jonathan Gifford, George Mason University), Latin America and Africa (Prof. Lourdes Trujillo, University of de la Palmas de Gran Canaria).

The Action Chair, Prof. Athena Roumboutsos (University of the Aegean) concluded the session by summarizing experience and reflecting on the Action’s findings. She concluded by putting forward the Model for the Next Generation of PPPs and the respective research needs.

Finally, the COST Action TU1001 announced its efforts towards the Next Generation of information sharing in PPPs through the development of the wiki-P3T3.


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