09 October 2017 | General
COST in Sofia to discuss International knowledge city networks

At the end of September, COST attended the Sofia - Knowledge City Cluster conference in Bulgaria to discuss the strategies and benefits of international knowledge city networks.

The Sofia – Knowledge City Cluster, invited Dr Mickael Pero, Science Officer from COST to be a panel member and discuss International knowledge city networks, including the COST Actions at their conference in Bulgaria on September 28th.  The event aimed to demonstrate to delegates from the public and private sector, the importance of clear development strategies for the economic well-being of cities and overall quality of life of citizens.

The panel discuss knowledge networks and knowledge city management

A large audience of researchers, municipal policy makers and private sector representatives gathered to watch the panel discussion on Knowledge Cities Management, The International Experience. COST Representative, Dr Mickael Pero provided an overview of ongoing knowledge networks working on smart city topics that could support this strategy, as well as the current activity of Sofia communities in COST knowledge networks.  During the discussion, Dr Pero provided recommendations for using COST as a channel for further developing knowledge networks at the Pan European level. 

Above: Dr Mickael Pero, Science Officer, COST, addresses the audience at the Sofia - Knowledge City Cluster 

Dr Mickael Pero said of the event “Attendees had a significant interest on the ability of COST networks to include entrepreneurs, and help them develop their idea within COST knowledge networks. The conference provided a strong starting point on the importance of interactions between academia, policy makers at all levels, and the private sector for making Sofia successful in its transition to a knowledge city.”

View the presentation by Dr Mickael Pero by clicking here 

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