01 December 2017 | General
COST Info Day - Israel

Scientific cooperation between the EU and Israel goes back to 1996, when Israel, as the first non-European country, started to be associated via a specific agreement to the European Framework Programme. Israel is now considered to be one of the European ‘Innovation Leaders’ with a quality of research equal to the most advanced EU Member States.

Israel has a long association with COST, joining as a Cooperating State in 2000. Today, 81% of all running COST Actions include researchers from the country.

Photo from L-R: Christer Halen, Yoram Haddad , Ronald de Bruin, Hagit Schwimmer, Shani Edri, Bart Veys

On November 30 th COST held an Info Day in Tel Aviv to inform the scientific community about the work of the COST Programme, including how researchers can participate with existing COST Actions, how to launch their own Actions and how to prepare successful project proposals.

Speakers at the event included Ministry of Science and Technology, Director General, Mr Peretz Vazan, Dr Hagit Schwimmer, a member of COST’s Committee of Senior Officials,who also acts as Deputy Chief Scientist for the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ms. Nili Shalev, Managing Director of ISERD and COST Director, Ronald de Bruin who stated: 

"COST promotes and spreads excellence across Europe. It is a place where ideas and people can grow and the participation of Israel is crucial to achieve this goal"

During the event, Director General, Mr Peretz Vazan (pictured above) stated  "Collaboration in science is key and COST is unique in providing this collaboration. Through this, ideas are generated, science is advanced, societal challenges are tackled. It simply makes the world a better place."

Nili Shalev, Director of ISERD, Israel-Europe R&I Directorate (pictured above) stated  "COST has a unique role to play in Horizon 2020. It has great advantages and we should use it to the fullest"

The Info Day also featured testimonials by 4 previous Action Participants, read more about their Actions here:

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