11 June 2012 | General, CMST
Call for Abstracts - International Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics and Chemistry (IMAMPC 2012)

The third edition of IMAMPC promotes high-quality research by young scientists from a wide range of disciplines in Atomic and Molecular Physics and Chemistry. A call for abstracts is open until 30 June 2012.

Co-organised by COST Action CM1002 'COnvergent Distributed Environment for Computational Spectroscopy (CODECS)' , this interdisciplinary meeting intends to promote high-quality research carried out by young scientists and bring together experimentalists and theoreticians from diverse fields such as:

  • Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy of Molecules in the gas phase, condensed phases  and at the gas/surface interfaces,
  • Macromolecules and Aggregates,
  • Structural Dynamics, Liquids, Nanomaterials,
  • Photo-reactivity and Photovoltaics,
  • Ultra-Cold Collisions, Quantum Control, Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets

Abstracts for oral presentations or poster sessions are welcome! The deadline is 30 June 2012 unless otherwise stated on the organisers' website which contains further information and registration details.

Thanks to the Action's involvement, registration is free for COST Action participants . In addition, grants to cover travel and accommodation costs are made available. If you wish to apply, please contact codecs@sns.it for details.

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