04 May 2018 | General
Empowering Actions - COST launch Grant Holder Seminars

COST launches its first Grant Holder Seminar in Brussels, Belgium on the 27 April 2018.

The Grant Holder seminar offered 14 attendees, many of whom work and reside in Inclusive Target Countries the chance to share their experiences, identify personal challenges including potential solutions and create a mutual support network with one another. The position of Grant Holder is an essential role within a COST Action, with individuals being selected at the first management committee meeting of a new Action.

The COST team behind the development of the Grant Holder Seminars   

The Grant Holder Seminars have been developed as part of the COST Academy, a new initiative by COST that was launched in September 2017. The COST Academy offers dedicated training and mentoring to boost the leadership, management, administrative and communications skills of young and/or Inclusiveness Target Country researchers.

Adrien Routelous , Head of Science, Administration and Finance for COST, (photo above) said of the event “Grant Holders are imperative to the successful management of COST Actions, which is why it has been a priority for COST to offer more structured support and networking opportunities to role holders. The active participation during the event is a credit to the attendees and the Administrative Team who designed and delivered the training.”

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