28 June 2012 | General, FPS, ICT
COST's Green Engineering Camp

From 2 to 6 July, Plitvice National park in Croatia will be the scenic backdrop for a collection of innovative, bottom-up ideas using Green ICT in real life applications, especially related to current and future challenges in the European forest sector.

17 ideas to increase environmental efficiency in forests, forestry and forest industries through the intelligent use and development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will be presented throughout the week. Each idea will be debated in detail with some of the more than 30 participants serving as ‘opponents’; they will deliberately take on a devil’s advocate role to stimulate debate and probe the ideas’ feasibility. At the end of the Green Engineering Camp, three ideas will receive an award from the expert panel will award three ideas.

If the Booklet of Abstracts, which lists the ideas and the biographies of the (early stage) researchers involved, is any indication, the experts will certainly have their work cut out for them. The Booklet buzzes with excitement –Apple/Android application, RFID, laser-scanning, radar remote sensing, …– and addresses a variety of interesting societal topics such as illegal logging, links with emergency services, data mining and much, much more!
‘Greening the Forest Sector Engineering with ICT’ is a pilot COST Interdisciplinary Science Initiative run by the Domain Committees for Information and Communication Technologies (DC ICT) and for Forestry, their Products and Services (DC FPS). Following a Call for Ideas launched in December 2011, a two-stage assessment did not only lead to 17 promising ideas but also ensured gender-balanced participation as well as the right mix between young and more experienced researchers.

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