24 November 2015 | General
Engaging with the next generation of European researchers

An event for policy makers and young COST Action researchers alike, this year’s COST Get Together portraits theme depicted the people involved in European research. The evening featured various interviews introducing researchers’ work as well as policy makers’ views on the role networking played in coordinating research initiatives across Europe.

Held at the Théatre de Vaudeville in the centre of Brussels, the event gathered around 100 representatives from the European Institutions, stakeholders from the Brussels-based research funding landscape, representatives of European or national research agencies, academia and industry, members of the COST governing board, COST Actions and COST Association staff.

Several representatives of European institutions (European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation Director-General, Robert-Jan Smits, Peter Dröll, Director for the Innovation Union and European Research Area within DG Research and Innovation, Dr Maria Da Graça Carvalho, Senior Advisor in Commissioner Moedas’s Cabinet and Victor Negrescu MEP) had the chance to learn how young researchers dealt with current challenges in their research careers.  

The interviews addressed four topics covering networking, leadership, empowering environments and links between academia and policy making. While the researchers talked about what they considered necessary for their work to be acknowledged and achieve success, the policy makers also looked back on their experiences - an exercise that would help advise the next generation of European researchers. The end of the interview sessions brought on a more informal atmosphere with musical entertainment. 

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