27 February 2018 | General
Info Day in Warsaw: Encouraging greater Polish participation in COST

Over 100 participants, including many young researchers, attended the COST Info Day held at the Kozminsky University in Warsaw on the 27th February 2018.

The COST Info Day in Warsaw  

Representatives from COST and the ERC, traveled to Warsaw, Poland to encourage a greater number of researchers from the country to become involved with pan-European research activities. The Info Day in Warsaw, is the second event to be held in Poland in the last six months, with the previous event in Lodz also attracting a large audience. 

During the event attendees learnt about the work of COST and COST Actions, including how they could participate in ongoing Actions, launch new Actions and how they could prepare successful project proposals. Participants also heard first-hand accounts regarding the benefits of taking part in COST Actions, as well as learning about the evaluation and national support measures in place. 

Christer Halen, COST Senior Administrator Science Operations said of the event, “The most promising aspect was that almost half of the participants were research administrators eager to learn and promote COST in their home institutes.”

COST is committed to creating better opportunities and greater inclusiveness within science and technology for researchers and academics. As part of this policy, information days and events are regularly held across Europe.  

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