29 January 2014 | General
COST Appoints Impact Analysis Expert Panel

Fostering excellence in research resulting in positive scientific, technological and societal impact is central to COST activities. To ensure it applies state-of–the-art criteria in its impact assessment activities, COST recently appointed a panel of high-level, independent experts on impact assessment of research and innovation policies and programmes, tasked with providing the COST Office with specialist advice.

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The COST Strategy adopted by the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) is strongly focused on tangible outputs and commits COST to developing of key performance indicators and following up completed Actions with regular impact analysis.

The two main objectives of the Panel appointed by COST are to comment on the monitoring, evaluation and impact analysis model being developed by the COST Office and to steer the COST 2014 Impact and Customer Satisfaction Study.

The Panel is chaired by Dr Michael Stampfer , Managing Director of the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF), and comprises:

  • Prof. Maja Bučar , Vice-Dean for Doctoral Studies and Research, University of Ljubljana
  • Dr Terttu Luukkonen , Chief Research Scientist, Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
  • Dr John Rigby , Senior Research Fellow at the University of Manchester

The experts appointed bring to the Panel a comprehensive mix of skills and expertise based on longstanding experience in the evaluation and assessment of impacts of research- and innovation-focused funding instruments such as COST.

The Expert Panel has already defined the terms of reference for the COST 2014 Impact and Customer Satisfaction Study and evaluated the study proposals. The final report of the COST Impact and Customer Satisfaction study from the recently awarded contractor, Technopolis Group, is expected in May 2014.

For more information on the work of the Panel and on impact analysis at COST, contact communications@cost.eu .


The final 2014 report and results are available here

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