10 April 2018 | General
COST annual report 2017: ‘Building bridges of excellence for young researchers’

The report focuses on COST’s efforts to empower and retain young researchers and innovators - one of the priorities of the COST Strategic Plan, launched in December 2017.

The 10 success stories featured in the report show examples of early career investigators who, thanks to their involvement in COST Action activities, got new research positions, have had opportunities to learn from their more experienced peers across Europe or have contributed to scientific discoveries. In some cases, those development opportunities have also meant going back to work in their native countries.

 Following previous editions of the annual report, you will also find: 

-highlights of the year: the COST Academy and COST Connect;

-facts and figures about the COST Programme and young researchers’ participation in our networks;

-a financial overview;

-key events in 2017; and

-our Actions in the headlines and across social networks.

Here , you can read the online version and share it though our social networks ( Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn ).

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