13 October 2017 | General
COST in Montenegro to encourage greater participation in COST Actions

15% of all running COST Actions include involvement from researchers in Montenegro. On the 8th October, representatives from COST met with senior figures from the Science sector to discuss ways to increase this number. COST also held an Info Day on the 9th October to encourage and inform researchers on how to become involved with COST.

Representatives from COST, including Director, Ronald de Bruin, travelled to Podgorica in Montenegro this week to hold an Info Day to encourage more scientists from the country to become involved with pan-European research activities. The Info Day gave researchers from across the country the opportunity to find out how to participate in ongoing Actions, how to launch new Actions and how to prepare successful project proposals. 

Left to right: Policy Officer, Bart Veys, Senior Administrator for Science Operations, Christer Halen, COST Director, Ronald de Bruin and Minister of Science for Montenegro, Dr Sanja Damjanović during the COST Info Day. 

Montenegro joined COST as a Member State in May  2 015. Since joining, the country has steadily increased their participation within COST Actions. Researchers from Montenegro are now actively involved in over 50 running COST Actions, equating to approximately 15% of all running Actions.

Prior to the Info Day, The Minister of Science, Dr Sanja Damjanović met with COST Director Ronald de Bruin, Policy Officer, Bart Veys and Senior Administrator for Science Operations, Christer Halen, to discuss ways of further developing and growing Montenegro’s participation within COST Actions. Furthermore a meeting was also held with, Prof. Dr. Danilo Nikolić, rector of the University of Montenegro.

Minister of Science for Montenegro, Sanja Damjanović addresses researchers during the COST Info Day.

During the Info Day, The Minister of Science for Montenegro, Sanja Damjanović  said “European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is a great chance for researchers to share their experience with researchers and scientists from all over the world and it is a good opportunity for young researchers to join the world of science.” She continued, “We recognise all of the advantages of COST; exchange of research infrastructure, development of new skills and knowledge, and participation of our students and researchers in a science and technology network.”

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