03 August 2011 | General, BMBS, CMST, ESSEM, FA, FPS, ISCH, ICT, MPNS, TUD, TD, President
COST country focus: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia is the latest country to join COST, having been a member since May 2009. The first proposal received from Bosnia and Herzegovina was submitted for the Open Call in March 2010.

Bosnia and Herzegovina flag

The National COST Office is hosted by the Ministry Of Civil Affairs in Sarajevo.
Since that first proposal, Bosnia and Herzegovina is now involved in 23 Actions. These Actions include contributions to a wide-ranging number of fields of research and technology, including: setting a new media research agenda for Central and Eastern Europe, addressing forest mitigation and adaption to climate change and analysis of the emergence of Southern Multinationals to establish and test empirically their impact on Europe and its stakeholders.
Further information on all the COST Actions which Bosnia and Herzegovina both chairs and participates in can be found on the new COST country page .

This country focus fits in a summer series in which we visit each COST country in alphabetical order to highlight its achievements in the COST Programme.

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