02 May 2017 | General
COST Action DigiLitEY has released a report on the Internet of Toys: safety, security and societal insights

Internet connected toys have become an inevitable part of our kids' lives. And while they offer important opportunities for learning, health, and entertainment, they also raise questions about safety, security, privacy, trust and other fundamental children’s rights.

With this in mind, COST Action DigiLitEY (The digital literacy and multimodal practices of young children), in cooperation with  EU Science Hub - Joint Research Centre  and experts in the field, took a closer look at emerging connected toys and published a report: Kaleidoscope on the Internet of Toys: Safety, security, privacy and societal insights (JRC105061) – include link . The report  analyses both opportunities and risks associated with internet connected objects such as dolls, teddy bears or watches.

The report looks into the following aspects:


- The Internet of Toys: media, commercial and public discourses
- Internet of Toys – safety and security considerations
- Social robots and the robotification of childhood
- The Internet of Things and the quantified child
- The Internet of Toys and the changing nature of play
- Designing connected play: Perspectives from combining industry and academic know-how

The report is free and available for download here .

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