26 March 2012 | General, FA
Early Stage Researchers lead workshop

‘Feed your knowledge - Healthy feed for healthy food’ to be organised by and focused on younger members of scientific community

Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) participating in COST Action FA0802 ‘Feed for Health’ will organise a workshop in Barcelona on 7 and 8 June 2012.
The initiative stemmed from a scientific exchange visit – ‘Short-term Scientific Mission’ (STSM) – funded by COST, and four participating ESRs were selected to organise and lead the event.

The team involved in the STSM put forward their suggestions concerning the content of the different workshop sessions, invited speakers and were involved in all logistical and technical aspects of the workshop organisation. The STSM team also suggested the possibility of a workshop session focused on career prospects for ESRs. For this purpose, several speakers from universities and the industry have been invited to participate in a discussion panel. The STSM team is currently working towards delivering a successful event and will surely benefit from what has been a very fruitful and ideal learning process in the group.

The four researchers involved in the projects are Alba Tres (Wageningen UR, NL), Themis Altintzoglou (Nofima, NO), Katherine Livingstone (University of Reading, UK) and Tamara Frankic (University of Ljubljana, SI).

This workshop is open to the broader scientific community but has a particular focus on early stage researchers. The Call for abstracts (short oral or poster presentations) on ‘Feed For Health’ is now open. The workshop will feature an additional session with guest speakers from both academia and industry, as well as career development advice from experts in the field.
All interested parties are welcome to register on the Action’s website .

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