17 November 2015 | General
COST Annual Report 2014: A story of diversity

The latest report focuses on storytelling by looking back on an exceptional and challenging year, providing a round-up of the essential steps taken by COST in developing a modern networking concept welcoming all innovative ideas across any S&T field.

2014 was a crucial year for COST, with the ambition to provide the same unique platform for researchers to meet, collaborate and share knowledge.

Some interesting features are the special focus on individuals , their achievements and testimonials as a result of their participation in COST Actions. The report therefore highlights the importance of having like-minded people, working together in order to advance science & technology.


  • Read all about our:                                 
    • 9 success stories presenting COST Action researchers’ experiences and meaningful achievements
    • 4 stories covering the COST Targeted Networks looking at gender balance, the next generation of scientists, the role of research administrators and capacity building in the Western Balkans
    • Exclusive interview featuring a story of inclusiveness and mobility
    • COST Impact Assessment’s findings on COST Actions’ added value and good practices
    • Key COST conferences and events held in 2014

Enjoy browsing through the COST stories of diversity!

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