13 April 2018 | General
Prof Eugenio Coronado, Chair of the COST Action MOLSPIN, has been awarded for the second time an ERC grant

The Professor at the University of Valencia, Spain, will receive €2,5 million in the field of Physical Sciences and Engineering

Photo credit: Universitat de València

The European Research Council (ERC) announced on 6 April that 269 senior researchers across Europe would receive up to €2.5 million per grant. Among them, Professor Eugenio Coronado, who is also Director at the Institute of Molecular Science of the University of Valencia, has received for the second time in his career an ERC Advanced Grant.

Prof Coronado is currently leading the COST network ‘Molecular Spintronics’ (MOLSPIN) , an emerging field of research that requires a networking and coordination effort between the communities of spintronics, molecular electronics and molecular magnetism. Closely linked to spintronics is the ERC Advanced Grant that the researcher has been awarded. Particularly, the project will look at the design of interfaces formed by mixing 2D materials with smart magnetic molecules with the aim to obtain a new generation of hybrid materials and devices of direct applications in fields such as the spintronics.  

 “ Chairing the COST network MOLSPIN helped me demonstrate that my group is at the forefront of this field in Europe and, therefore, I gained an outstanding mark in the leadership evaluation for the ERC grant ”, says the Professor.

The ERC Advanced Grants are part of the EU's Research and Innovation programme, Horizon 2020, and are worth a total of €653 million.

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