15 June 2014 | General
COST 2014 Impact Assessment and Customer Satisfaction Survey results now available

COST commissioned an Impact Analysis Study and Customer Satisfaction Survey at the end of 2013, illustrating the position and added value of COST within the European Research Area, while evaluating users’ satisfaction with COST activities.

The results are based on the feedback of 8,463 respondents. Both studies were led in parallel by Technopolis Group following a call for tender and supervised by a highly-skilled Expert Panel .

The COST Impact Assessment looked at 277 COST Actions starting between 2006 and 2010, completed or in the last year of implementation by late 2013. The study looked at the impact of COST on networking, capacity building, policy agenda setting, as well as the impact on the wider economy and society. The future role and added value of COST in the European Research Area was equally addressed.

The COST Customer Satisfaction Survey covered all COST Actions running and completed between 2010 and 2013.  It focused on participants’ satisfaction with COST regarding the application and selection process, COST funded activities and tools and the administrative and financial support. 

Both the assessment and the survey are available for download.