An overview of the latest COST news releases.

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18 December 2012 | General
Glimpses from the first COST Science Night

Did you miss the COST Science Night, or were you there and would like to see more of it? The video highlights and photo gallery are now online...

10 December 2012 | General
COST at EuroMed2012: Promoting Cultural Heritage

Delegates at the EuroMed2012 conference pleaded that cultural heritage research and innovation in all its aspects should be explicitly included in Horizon 2020.

07 December 2012 | General, FPS
Direct the way to Innovation in the Forest-based Sector! Open Call for Applications

The COST Domain 'Forests, their Products and Services' invites Young Researchers to present their research at the upcoming 8th Forest-based Technology Platform (FTP) conference.

09 November 2012 | General
genderSTE, welcome!

COST is delighted to announce the launch of genderSTE, an initiative targeting better integration of gender dimensions in science and technology.

09 November 2012 | General, ICT
Multimedia Communications: The Quest for a Definition of Quality of Experience

COST Action IC1003 has published a newsletter unveiling research on the notion of quality of experience in multimedia systems and services.

09 November 2012 | General
European Gender Summit at a reduced price... and with a special Science Café by COST!

COST announces the Science Café it will hold during the European Gender Summit, 'Networking the way to gender equality in science and technology'. Moreover, COST offers you the opportunity to register at a 20% discount.

16 October 2012 | General
European Innovation Summit: Participants agreed that innovation is the best means to recover from the crisis

COST was a partner of the fourth European Innovation Summit held at the European Parliament in Brussels under the motto 'Building bridges – Creating Synergies'.

03 October 2012 | General, FPS
Me and My Tree

Soon you will be able to compensate for your carbon footprint by planting a tree. For free, thanks to companies’ corporate social responsibility. And also, thanks to the COST Green Engineering Camp…

03 October 2012 | General, MPNS
Leave it behind

Kevin Sheridan, Graduate Student (Molecular Physics Laboratory, University of Sussex) and member of COST Action MP1001 on 'Ion Traps for Tomorrow's Applications', explains the European Physical Society how Physics made him a world traveller...

21 September 2012 | General
Europe's strategy for developing international cooperation in research and innovation

Earlier this week the European Commission has announced a strategy to further focus cooperation on EU strategic priorities, while maintaining the tradition of openness to third country participation in EU research. COST is working in this direction, and opens pan-European cooperation worldwide.

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