An overview of the latest COST news releases.

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27 September 2017 | General
COST holds successful Info Day in Lodz, Poland

Over 100 participants from across Poland, including young researchers, academics and representatives from small and medium enterprises, have attended an Info Day organised by COST in the city of Lodz on the 26th September 2017.

22 September 2017 | General
COST Academy empowers researchers to strive for leadership roles

The second COST Academy: Leadership Workshop to empower young and under-represented researchers to strive for leadership roles, was held on the 22nd September, at the COST Association office in Brussels, Belgium.

22 September 2017 | General
COST Targeted Network BESTPRAC

The COST Targeted Network 'The Voice of Research Administrators - Building a Network of Administrative Excellence - BESTPRAC' presented its four year outcomes and recommendations for the future, at an event attended by leading figures from the COST Association, the European Commission, the European University Association and the University of Ljubljana.

19 September 2017 | General
COST Director Ronald de Bruin travels to FYR Macedonia to strengthen scientific participation

Director Dr Ronald de Bruin, travelled to FYR Macedonia this September, as part of an Info Day to increase participation in COST-funded activities within the Macedonian research community.

17 August 2017 | General
New safeguards to protect Europe’s communication networks

A network of COST researchers is developing innovative solutions to strengthen Europe’s communication systems and increase their resilience to terrorist attacks, natural disasters and hardware or software failures.

12 July 2017 | General
COST President, Prof Sierd Cloetingh, attending EU Parliament event on the relevance of foresight and its impact on policy decisions

A deeper reflection about how to ensure a successful interplay between science and policy is key. During a panel debate organised at the EU Parliament COST President, Prof Sierd Cloethingh, shared his views on foresight from a research-funding perspective.

10 July 2017 | General
BESTPRAC: a model for empowering research administrators in Europe

The network that kicked off four years ago could serve as a model for other targeted COST networks, according to network leader Jan Andersen.

10 July 2017 | General
Rencontres, recherche et creation 2017: bringing together scientific research, art and society

At the Rencontres, Recherche et Création event in Avignon, Dr. Ronald de Bruin, director of the COST Association, stressed the importance of creating links between research disciplines, especially between social sciences, humanities and “hard sciences”.

27 June 2017 | General
Dr Ronald de Bruin stresses the importance of research and innovation impact at K4I event

At the K4I's Europe’s future: Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the Worldevent on the recently published RISE report, COST Association Director Dr Ronald de Bruin pointed out the importance of creating and measuring the impact behind research and innovation funding.

26 June 2017 | General
35 new Actions to start end 2017

Approved by the COST Committee of Senior Officials on 23 June 2017, the new Actions were selected out of 454 eligible proposals collected on 7 December 2016.

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