An overview of the latest COST news releases.

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15 July 2011 | General, BMBS, CMST, ESSEM, FA, FPS, ISCH, ICT, MPNS, TUD, TD
COST News No 20 - July 2011

The 20th issue of the COST e-newsletter is now available.

28 June 2011 | General, ESSEM
Preparing for the summer sun...

A full-disk multiwavelength extreme ultraviolet image of the sun taken by SDO on 30 March 2010

...also means being aware of the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) rays which can cause sunburn and skin cancer. It has been reported that parts of the world is going to experience extra high levels of UV this year, due to record levels ozone loss above the Arctic last winter.

10 June 2011 | General, ISCH
Health, Humanities, Media, Technology, Political Science, Law, Economy and Business… all in one word? ISCH!

The COST Scientific Domain for Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health (ISCH) has held its annual progress conference in Brussels on 7 and 8 June 2011.

08 June 2011 | General, CMST
Astrochemistry: The Cradle of Life

Astrochemistry Cradle of Life

COST gives you the opportunity to learn more about the origins of life on Earth or other planets throughout the Universe while visiting ... dinosaurs!

30 May 2011 | General, BMBS
Where there is smoke...

Wolrd No Tobacco Day 2011

Tobacco kills one person every six seconds. Out of 6 million deaths a year, 600 000 are non-smokers who died from exposure to tobacco smoke. 31 May 2011, the World Health Organization's No Tobacco Day, is an excellent opportunity for smokers to reduce their risk of becoming a sad statistic.

25 May 2011 | General, BMBS
World MS Day

World MS day logo

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, often disabling disease. It is one of the most common disabling neurological conditions amongst young adults in the northern hemisphere. According to World MS Day, over 2 000 000 people in the world have MS. COST Action BM0603 Inflammation in Brain Disease (NEURINFNET) contributes.

24 May 2011 | General, BMBS, CMST, ESSEM, FA, FPS, ISCH, ICT, MPNS, TUD, TD, President
31 new COST Actions approved!

Whether it was the nice meeting location or the coincidence that the CSO was convened just days after the announcement that the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation would make additional funding available for COST in FP7, fact remains that last week’s CSO meeting had numerous positive outcomes.

24 May 2011 | General, ICT
COST Action IC0905 'TERRA' recognised as a reference for a stakeholder platform on Cognitive Radio

The Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) of the European Commission's Information Society and Media Directorate-General has published an opinion on cognitive technologies, recognising COST-TERRA as a platform to coordinate research activities.

22 May 2011 | General, FPS
International Day of Biological Diversity

International Day for Biodiversity Logo

22 May is the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB), which is intended to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. This year, the theme of IDB is Forest Biodiversity, and it will make up part of the International Year of Forests. COST has a designated Domain dealing with forestry which has facilitated, and continues to facilitate, many networks dealing with the issue of biodiversity.

20 May 2011 | General, ICT
Exhibition on Sonic Interaction Design - You are invited!

Akousmaflore (2006)

Boom...stroke...aaaaeeeehhhh...swing...crash...beeep! We struggle to put sonic interactions into words - and that is why an exhibition with real examples is the best way to experience this new field of research.

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