An overview of the latest COST news releases.

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10 April 2018 | General
COST annual report 2017: ‘Building bridges of excellence for young researchers’

The report focuses on COST’s efforts to empower and retain young researchers and innovators - one of the priorities of the COST Strategic Plan, launched in December 2017.

27 March 2018 | General
Success through participation - Athens Info Day

Researchers from Greece, one of the founding members of COST, participate in 97% of COST Actions and hold 3 Action chairs, 16 Vice-Chairs and 30 Working Group Leaders. On the 27th March representatives from COST, including President Prof. Sierd Cloetingh, travelled to Athens for an Info Day to encourage early career researchers to participate in COST Actions.

23 March 2018 | General
Promoting the value of COST - Serbia Info Day

Over 100 people, many of whom were early career investigators, gathered for the COST Info Day on the 23rd March 2018 held at the University of Belgrade, to discover how they could participate in pan-European science and research activities.

21 March 2018 | General
Communicating why pollinators matter could help save them and ensure food security worldwide, researchers say

International researchers met in Leiden, the Netherlands, to discuss the latest research on pollinators and stress the need to communicate their value more actively to citizens and policy advisors. Better science communication, backed by more research funding, could help ensure sustainable pollination worldwide.

19 March 2018 | General
Striving for better understanding of global atmospheric dust

COST Management Committee member, Carlos Perez Garcia-Pando has been selected by NASA to take part in a top international project; the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT).

16 March 2018 | General
Inspiring participation - Cluj Info Day

On Friday the 16th March, COST held an Info Day at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, to encourage a greater number of researchers from Romania to participate in COST Actions.

14 March 2018 | General
Spreading excellence, enhancing synergies; perspectives from South-Eastern Europe

On the 14th March 2018, Stakeholders gathered for a conference at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, to ensure more European regions can benefit from Horizon 2020.

12 March 2018 | General
Slovenian Info Day

COST held an Info Day in Slovenia on the 12th March to encourage greater participation of researchers from Slovenia in European research activities.

08 March 2018 | General
We are all stardust: top women in science trying to unlock the mystery of our stardust origins

Almost half of the experts running a network investigating the early evolution of our universe are women – a third of whom won ERC grants of up to 10 million euros in research funding.

07 March 2018 | General
Networking for the next quantum technology leap

A COST Connect workshop on 8 March in Warsaw, Poland, provides an opportunity for researchers, industry and policymakers to explore ways to better collaborate on advancing quantum research and technology.

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