This section hosts a selection of videos and podcasts relating to COST Actions and other COST activities.

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Seán Sherlock TD at ESOF 2012

  • Time: 03:17

Seán Sherlock TD, Irish Minister of State for Research & Innovation, tells COST the importance of ESOF 2012 for Ireland and the Irish scientific community.


Personalised Medicine: Better Healthcare for the Future - COST Conference Highlight Video

  • Time: 08:04

The conference 'Personalised Medicine: Better Healthcare for the Future' event was held in Cyprus from 17 to 22 June 2012. COST brought together researchers, scientists, policy-makers, patients' associations and stakeholders to widen conceptions of personalised medicine and provide education about new developments in the field. Watch this highlight video to catch a glimpse of the topics addressed! Or visit the COST YouTube Channel to view more videos.


Paul Rübig, MEP, comments on COST's role for the future.

  • Time: 01:22

Interview taken at a breakfast meeting on COST held at the European Parliament on 18 October 2011. The breakfast was organised on the same day of the opening of the COST Exhibition hosted by Ms Pilar del Castillo Vera MEP. The exhibition 'Network of Science and Technology' was a successful three-day event at the European Parliament, bringing together the COST science community, EU policy-makers and stakeholders in the field of research, technology and innovation.

2012 | Action Number: MP0901

The Future of Graphene?

  • Time: 10:49

Will graphene live up to its promise? Is graphene the new silicon? The latest video from this COST Action NanoTP designed to bring together theorists and experimentalists in the field of nanotechnology. This video shows scientists working in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology discussing the future for the new monolayer material, graphene, at a meeting held in Trieste in 2011.

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