A selection of videos and podcasts relating to COST Actions and other COST activities.

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Skin cancer detection using laser imaging - Alexis Louis and Julien Namdar Irani, ESEO-SIAT, France

  • Time: 02:48

Both Alexis Louis and Julien Namdar Irani are young researchers at ESEO (Grande École d'ingénieurs généralistes) in France. In this interview they explain how the participation of early career investigators in the COST Actions help to develop their professional career and bring new opportunities.

2015 | Action Number: TU1404

COST Action TU1404 - Towards the next generation of standards for service life of cement-based materials and structures

  • Time: 02:47

Cement-based materials (CBM) are the foremost construction materials worldwide. Therefore, there are widely accepted standards for their structural applications. However, for service life designs, current approaches largely depend on CBM strength class and restrictions on CBM constituents. Consequently, the service life behaviour of CBM structures is still analysed with insufficiently rigorous approaches that are based on outdated scientific knowledge, particularly regarding the cumulative behaviour since early ages. This results in partial client satisfaction at the completion stage, increased maintenance/repair costs from early ages, and reduced service life of structures, with consequential economic/sustainability impacts. Despite significant research advances that have been achieved in the last decade in testing and simulation of CBM and thereby predicting their service life performance, there have been no generalized European-funded Actions to assure their incorporation in standards available to designers/contractors. Therefore, the main purpose of this Action is to bring together relevant stakeholders (experimental and numerical researchers, standardization offices, manufacturers, designers, contractors, owners and authorities) in order to accelerate knowledge transfer in the form of new guidelines/recommendations, introduce new products and technologies to the market, and promote international and inter-speciality exchange of new information, creating avenues for new developments.

2015 | Action Number: BM1204

EUPancreas - a pan-EU network fighting pancreatic cancer

  • Time: 04:10

A unique platform for pancreatic cancer research, EUPancreas is gathering specialists from different disciplines in order to better understand the disease.

2015 | Action Number: FP1106

Quantitative Wood Anatomy: From Sample to Data for Environmental Research

Quantitative wood anatomy investigates relationships between plant growth, functioning and environment, and typically also how these relationships change over time. It is a challenging multi-step approach, in which deficiencies in one step propagate to the following steps with negative consequences for data quality. This film gives and overview of how to quantify anatomical features in digital images, presents guidelines and pitfalls, and introduces different anatomical metrics used for environmental research. This is the third COST-STReESS instruction film, launched by the Dendroclimatology group, Swiss Federal Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL (Switzerland) in cooperation with the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (TESAF), University of Padova (Italy), the Department of Wood Science and Technology, University of Ljubliana (Slovenia), and the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group, Wageningen University (Netherlands). The script for this film was written by Georg von Arx (Dendroclimatology group, Swiss Federal Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL). The film is produced by Hans Reijnen of R Media in association with the COST Action STReESS

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