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Action dissemination guidelines and COST corporate identity

We encourage all COST Actions to communicate their work and results to a wide array of audiences, including non-scientific ones. Visit this section for tips and tricks on how to best reach your audience and achieve impact.

How to communicate your COST Action 

We encourage all COST Action participants to download the  Guidelines for the communication, dissemination and exploitation of COST Action results and outcomes  - a handbook meant to help and encourage COST Actions to communicate their work and achievements.

COST visual identity

The COST brand book explains the strategy behind the new COST brand and how all the visual elements are used across all types of communications material. This includes logo usage guidelines.

The new COST logo and EU emblem are now available in all formats for print and web purposes:

Please check our  brand book in order to ensure you use the COST brand identity correctly across all communications tools:

Stationery material for COST Actions

COST Action participants can also use the COST PowerPoint branded template at conferences, seminars or other events where their Action's work is presented. 

For any questions about the guidelines or the use of COST corporate identity elements in particular, please contact the COST Association's Communications unit at


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