COST Stories

This section focuses on COST results mainly in terms of Actions and Domains.

The case studies reflect the impact COST has on European research, people and markets.

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The COST Association is up and running

Established in September 2013, the COST Association has incorporated the governing bodies and the administrative functions of COST into a single structure.

STReESSing inclusiveness

Action FP 1106 STReESS (Studying Tree Responses to extreme Events: a SyntheSis) is a recent example of COST’s commitment to promoting inclusiveness and supporting promising researchers from less research-intensive countries across Europe. In this case, research focuses on analysing the effects of extreme natural phenomena and climate change on the growth and wood quality of European tree species.

Understanding proteins, understanding life

Recent medical advances have seen our life expectancy increase significantly. However, so has the risk of developing cancer and neurological, genetic, or autoimmune diseases, all caused by protein mutations. COST Action BM1307 "PROTEOSTASIS" has set up an international network focusing on the reasons behind protein mutations, investigating a particular role that proteins play in carrying out cellular functions.

Getting European cities ready for climate change

In times of resource scarcity, European cities are in need of reconfiguration. Urban areas need to pollute less and become generally more sustainable in order to increase their resilience to climate change effects.

Maternity care – setting up the highest standard across Europe

Every year around 4.7 million European women give birth to a child. Optimal maternal and infant health is critical to societal wellbeing.

Become a COST Expert!

COST invites independent experts from all scientific areas to participate in the evaluation of proposals for COST Actions collected twice a year through the COST Open Call.

Registration for Trans-Domain (TD) Pilot Proposals is open!

Trans-Domain Icon

COST responds to the research communities’ need for a more lightweight and quickly evaluated instrument with a revised evaluation and selection procedure for highly interdisciplinary research networks. The Proposal registration opens on 15 February and closes on 29 March. Updated guidelines are also available.

Prof. Dr Rainer Waser awarded the 2014 Leibniz prize

COST warmly congratulates Prof. Dr Rainer Waser on winning the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, Germany’s most prestigious research award. The Joint Committee of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - DFG) announced the eleven recipients of the 2014 prize on 5 December 2013.

COST Welcomes Horizon 2020

COST welcomes the official launch of Horizon 2020, the European Union’s new research and innovation programme, announced on 11 December 2013 in Brussels. The highly anticipated announcement is an essential milestone in the transition to a more innovative and competitive Europe.

Mapping out Europeans’ immunity genes: a step towards better tissue transplants

Despite more than 99% of human DNA being identical, our immunity genes are the ones setting us apart. Besides making us unique, such genes can indicate our ancestry, which can prove of tremendous medical help in terms of issue and organ transplants. COST Action BM0803 HLA-NET engaged in a collaborative exercise aiming to map European populations sharing similar genes that set the stage for the introduction of new standards in molecular biology and immunogenetics.

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