COST Stories

This section focuses on COST results mainly in terms of Actions and Domains.

The case studies reflect the impact COST has on European research, people and markets.

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Greener Industry from algae network

A collaborative network bringing researchers and industry together is developing ways to use microalgae for the creation of high-value chemicals, ingredients and low-carbon biofuel.

Urban agriculture - Europe's untapped potential

An international network’s research is helping policymakers understand how urban agriculture fosters food security, economic growth, wellbeing and care for the environment. A European Parliament briefing proposes policies based on groundbreaking outputs, while international organisations are seeking network members’ advice.

Smart approaches to ending energy poverty

Millions of people worldwide endure energy poverty, with their health and well-being suffering as a result. A new European network is helping researchers and policymakers to develop a common approach to improving energy access, and empowering at-risk consumers.

Getting under the skin

Using optical imaging could improve the diagnosis of skin cancer, without the need for a biopsy. For Nikola Vukovic, a PhD student at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, involvement in a COST Action on skin cancer detection using laser imaging has been “extremely valuable” and enabled him to continue his research in his native Serbia.

Surfing microwaves to success

When they noticed a bottleneck in bringing potentially life-saving medical microwave imaging (MWI) products to patients, researchers Raquel Conceicão and Martin O’Halloran did not think twice about teaming up.

Powering up for the Internet of Things

For researcher Chiara Mariotti, being part of a network on developing wireless power transfer systems led to grants for international exchanges and recognition through the 2016 Women in Wireless Power Transfer Award.

Interview with Dr Gabriella Colucci, finalist for the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2018

COST Action participant and finalist for the EU prize for Women Innovators 2018, Dr Gabriella Colucci gives a short interview on her work, career and the benefits of scientific networking.

Two-way symmetry in molecular physics

As a recent doctoral graduate, Hungarian Csaba Fábri moved to Switzerland for a postdoctoral position. A COST Action gave him the opportunity to return to his home country and contribute to a scientific breakthrough in his field – symmetry in molecular theory.

A different take on prostitution could improve policy effects locally

Taking a closer look at prostitution could improve the real-life impact of European policies on sex work, a network of researchers points out.

Imaging technologies turn up the focus on crime scenes

Combining multiple images and cutting-edge technology is helping forensic science to give law enforcement agencies, juries and the judiciary the clearest ever picture of what happens at the scene of a crime.

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