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The Energy-Water Nexus: Managing the Links between Energy and Water for a Sustainable Future

Location Brussels, Belgium
Date 08 - 10 June 2009
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In recent months, European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) has committed significant resources to support an initiative focused on the links between energy and water. Developed in collaboration with colleagues from Europe and around the world, it is an integrative and interdisciplinary endeavour, incorporating scholars, policymakers and industry.

Water Energy Links

Following the Exploratory Workshop in January, COST convened a second, smaller Exploratory Workshop with the aim of publishing 8-10 complementary case studies from around the world, which, together, highlight the complexity of the climate-energy-water-food interactions and which identify where better integrated policy and management strategies and solutions are needed or available.

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Co-chaired by

Karen Hussey (The Australian National University, BE)
Carine Petit (COST Office, BE)

Contact Information

Ms Zuzana Vercinska
Conference Officer
COST Office
Avenue Louise 149
B-1050 Brussels
Tel. +32 2 533 38 05
Fax +32 2 533 38 90