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The OneGeology-Europe Project

Location Brussels, Belgium
Date 12 May 2009  | 16:00 - 17:30
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The May edition of the COST Seminar featured Luca Demicheli, Secretary General of EuroGeoSurveys, the Association of the Geological Surveys of Europe.


Participants in this month’s COST seminar looked at what goes on underground when they welcomed Luca Demicheli, Secretary General of EuroGeoSurveys. EuroGeoSurveys is a not-for-profit association representing 33 European Geological Surveys. One of its largest projects OneGeology, is building the first digital geological map of the world at a 1:1,000,000 scale, freely available on the web. European Geological Surveys and other partners are engaged in developing the European part of the project, OneGeology-Europe, co-financed by the EC.

Europe has rich geological data but there has been a lot of difficulty in accessing, sharing and understanding all of it. This project hopes to answer questions form all sides. “Everything we use is obtained from products derived from geological resources. Europe must therefore manage these resources carefully,” explains Luca Demicheli who is also working on how best communicate this valuable information.

Its uses are numerous, making geological information accessible to scientists, policymakers, and to inform and educate the general public on these issues. This project is doing the same for the rocks beneath our feet that Google does for maps of the Earth's surface.

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