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COST Connect - Sustainable Energy in the Danube Region

Location Belgrade, Serbia
Date 10 October 2018
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COST Connect, Sustainable Energy in the Danube Region will be held in Belgrade, Serbia on the 10th October 2018.

With the launch of the macro-regional EU Strategy for the Danube region (EUSDR) in 2011, the need for enhanced cross-border cooperation and coordination in research and innovation was clearly expressed.

EUSDR is active in different fields (the so-called Priority Areas), which include Transport, Energy, Environment as well as several horizontal issues. Several possibilities to coordinate research and innovation activities have been exploited within these priority areas.

This COST Connect aims to contribute further to these developments which include relevant COST Actions, regional stakeholders and policy-makers.

The event will:

  • Support the cooperation of COST Actions with relevant stakeholders in the field of sustainable energy research and innovation in the Danube region
  • Encourage collaborations between relevant stakeholders and trigger alignment of resources to develop research and innovation on sustainable energy
  • Promote synergies between activities funded through other EU programmes
  • Provide networking opportunities for all partners involved

Further information about this COST Connect event can be requested via   from , Data and Impact Analysis Officer or from COST Policy Officer, or alternatively from , Conference Officer. 

Event attendance is by invitation only. 

Further information can be found in the downloadable programme booklet. 

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Upon invitation only