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Study Group Event on Fractional Control

Location Tallinn, Estonia
Date 29 - 30 January 2018
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CA15225 Fractional-order systems - analysis, synthesis and their importance for future design, have arranged a study group focussing on the efficient usage of fractional-order approaches in system control domain and uses the advantage of direct interaction and knowledge transfer between academics and industry partners dealing with the design and usage of system controllers.

This 2-day Study Group event focuses on the efficient usage of fractional-order approach in system control domain and signal processing. It takes the advantage of direct interaction and knowledge transfer between academics and industry partners. Based on the problems presented the by the industry to the participants from academia, after brainstorming within the groups the first steps towards possible solutions for the specified problems are expected to be discussed together the industry. The event targets both national and international companies being active in Europe and also worldwide.

The LDI Innovation and  Antasya Software & Consultancy Inc companies from Estonia and Turkey will participate at the event and provide the issues described below and are open to initiate close cooperation with you and use methods based on fractional approach.

Take part in the event, show your skills, make new colleagues and get access to valuable company partner for your future research and development activities.

Topic 1- Development of the time resolved binding kinetics of ligand-receptor interaction on the planar solid substrate surface in stationary or flowing probe injection, by LDI Innovation
Topic 2 – Increasing the accuracy of object localization using GPS by Antasya Software & Consultancy Inc

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