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The future concept and reality of Social Robotics: Challenges, Perception and Applications - Role of Social Robotics in current and future society

Location Brussels, Belgium
Date 10 - 13 June 2013
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Researchers have exerted considerable efforts to advance the robotic technologies as well as to understand their social implications. As a result, robotics is now a highly articulated field with various types of robots already assisting numerous areas of human activity. Despite their increasing significance and relevance, the general public tends to think that robots still belong to the world of science fiction and research laboratories.

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Robotics is a highly articulated field with various kinds of robots already developed to assist humans.

Three COST Domains joined forces to discuss innovative research and ideas describing rigorous scientific, sociological, psychological and philosophical advances in social robotics with a special focus on sustainability, as well as the applied latest technologies in the interactions and communications with humans and their acceptability by different types of users.

Covered topics included the evolution of the field, including all the transdisciplinary stakeholders (coming from engineering to the social sciences), the models of society embodied in social robots as well as the communication and emotional impact they might generate in users and in the general public.