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COST Science Night - How S&T Networks Impact Tomorrow's Europe

Location Solvay Library, Brussels, Belgium
Date 04 December 2012
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This exclusive event aimed to showcase the impact of science and technology networks on Europe's society. At this unique science night researchers leading successful COST Actions met research policy-makers and stakeholders for interactive discussions.


At the COST Science Night representatives of the European Institutions and countries had a unique chance to meet researchers leading COST Actions, who explained and showed how these pan-European science and technology networks contribute confidently to Europe’s future and welfare and to daily life in Europe and beyond.

Participants not only took part in a lively discussion on key topics with wide societal impact such as human rights, forestry and extreme events, nano-materials, DNA sequencing, dendrimer-based therapies and drugs, chemistry, sustainable biofuels and energy efficiency in buildings, but also in the excitement of astonishing scientific experiments.

The presentations of Science Night are now available:

Keynote Address

  • Prof. Manfred Horvat , Expert for European and International Research and Technology Cooperation, who will speak from a policy perspective about the time period 2013-2020 as a window of opportunity for Europe. He will present a multi-lateral approach to internationalisation and explain the role of knowledge networks in a global competition.
  • Prof. Alain Peyraube , Member of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council, who will focus on the technology perspective by presenting topics such as retooling in pursuit of innovation, managing innovation and technology in an ever-changing research landscape, and techno-social interventions in a complex environment.

COST Actions Scientific Session

  • Towards a World Court of Human rights by Prof. Manfred Nowak - Chair of COST Action IS0702
  • The Data Challenge for DNA Sequencing by Dr Bongcam-Rudloff - Chair of COST Action  BM1006
  • Nano-chemistry and Biomedicine for More Effective Drugs by Prof. Barbara Klajnert - Chair of COST Action  TD0802
  • The Need for Quantum Sensors in Everyday Life by Dr Martina Knoop - Chair of COST Action MP1001
  • Eco-sustainable Food Packaging for Safe Food Conservation by Dr Clara Silvestre - Chair of COST Action FA0904
  • Tree Response to Extreme Climate Events by Dr Ute Sass-Klassen - Chair of COST Action FP1106
  • Renewable Energy Efficiency in Buildings by Dr Sarah McCormack - Chair of COST Action TU0802
  • Phosphorous: Illuminating Chemistry by Prof. Evamarie Hey-Hawkins - Chair of COST Action CM0802
  • From Fossil Resources to a Sustainable Bio-based Economy by Prof. Roger Sheldon - Chair of COST Action CM0903
    This presentation was followed by live experiments 'Chemistry in Action' performed by Dr Samantha Tang and Dr Darren Walsh