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Workshop on Science Commercialisation

Location Ramada Hotel, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Germany
Date 20 - 21 August 2012
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The Workshop was a Trans Domain COST activity aiming at members and early stage researchers (ESRs) from three COST Actions (FA0806, FA0804, FA1006). The participants of the workshop had the opportunity to acquire information in the area of product commercialisation.

Technology commercialisation is commonly defined as the process of taking an idea to the market and creating a value product, typically through licensing or creating a new business. Although the concept of technology commercialisation sounds disarmingly simple, many players involved in this process are discovering that implementing a successful technology commercialisation programme is more complex than it was initially believed. The aim of the workshop was therefore to develop a kind of an entrepreneurship support chart.

Specialists from different fields related to successful commercialisation of scientific products gave talks and support participants from the different COST Actions to use this information for the development of successful commercialisation strategies. The programme of this two-day long workshop was structured in sections to cover the themes of:

  • university-industry relations
  • financing commercialisation
  • science commercialisation in new markets

The workshop ended with the presentation of some Showcases.

The objectives of the workshop included:

  • To provide scientists in food and agriculture with knowledge regarding product commercialisation
  • To allow interaction of ESRs with experts in the field of product commercialisation
  • To develop an entrepreneurship support chart
  • To establish and strengthen the network among members of the three COST Actions.

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This workshop has a limited capacity but some slots for Early Stage Researchers are available. If you are interested please send a short letter stating your motivation to attend to one of the organisers.

Contact Information

Professor Andreas Voloudakis
Chair of COST Action FA0806

Dr Kirsi-Marja Oksman
Chair of COST action FA0804

Professor Heribert Warzecha
Chair of COST Action FA1006

Dr Gabi Krczal
Local Organiser