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Personalised Health Care: From Theory to Practice

Location Royal College of Physicians, London, UK
Date 19 January 2012
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After years of development, personalised health care is starting to move into clinical practice - and patients, healthcare providers and payers could all benefit.

This conference highlighted:

  • Case studies - where, and in for what indications, has it been shown to work already?
  • Modeling - What would be the public health impact be if scaled up across an entire country or the European Union?
  • Management - How should health authorities adapt to maximise the benefit and minimise the cost?
  • Investment - What companies, large and small, will be first to capitalise on this opportunity?
  • International - How can EU coordination, and international collaboration, speed adoption?

The conference drew on new research by Science|Business on the macroeconomic impact of personalised health care across the EU. It provided policy input, networking and information-sharing for:

  • Public health authorities and payers across the EU
  • Biopharma, ICT, diagnostics and device companies, both small and large
  • Investors and analysts
  • Researchers in industry and academia

For more information on this Conference and Registration, please consult the website official website

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