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Workshop on Value Communication of Novel Agro-technologies

Location IBZ (Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaften) Munich, Germany
Date 03 - 04 November 2011
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A Trans Domain COST activity where researchers from COST Actions FA0806, FA0804, FA1006 and FP0905 COST Actions shared their specific scientific experience with experts in the Science Communication field on the issue of bringing novel biotechnological products from lab to practice.

Developments in Biotechnology (red, green or white biotech) have brought us unprecedented opportunities to study and understand fundamental life processes and to modify and regulate those processes for the benefit of humankind. Learning from the GMO debate, which is still controversial, it is plausible to argue that other novel biotechnological strategies are likely to be regarded as problematic risk technologies as well. If scientists only offer facts, but do not address the value laden structures of citizens´ perception as well, communication will fail with negative consequences for the novel products.

In this activity, specialists on the value-laden risk and benefit communication were invited, while providing space for the participants from the different COST Actions to utilize the information for the development of communication strategies for their own scientific achievements.

The program of the activity was structured in sections to cover the themes of: ‘Risk technologies and public perception’, ‘Communicating values and trust’ and ‘Communication strategies and channels’. Each of these sections were followed by a workshop to apply the talk notes to the specific COST Actions topics.
Aims and objectives:

  • To develop strategies for successful communication of novel scientific achievements in the agricultural and food sector.
  • To develop a paper on the communication strategies for novel biotechnological products in the Agricultural sector.

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Contact Information

Professor Andreas Voloudakis
Chair of FA0806 Action