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Forest Ecosystems in a Changing Environment, Identifying Future Monitoring and Research Needs

Location Istanbul, Turkey
Date 11 - 13 March 2008
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The COST Strategic Workshop on the role of “Forest Ecosystems in a Changing Environment” brought together nearly 180 scientists from around 30 countries in Istanbul, Turkey, to identify future monitoring and research needs.

The workshop specifically tackled the fields of climate change and forests, ozone, atmospheric deposition and critical loads, biodiversity, as well as quality assurance in forest monitoring. Experts agreed that increased and joint efforts are necessary to understand combined climate change and air pollution effects on forests and to develop strategies for mitigation and adaptation.

COST Strategic Workshop provided following recommendations on forest ecosystem monitoring and research in Europe:

  • Biological effects of climate change need to be studied in more detail
  • Ozone risk assessment has to be improved
  • A much more integrated view on different atmospheric pollutants is necessary
  • A multifunctional European forest monitoring system needs to be sustained and further developed
  • Basic research, forest monitoring and modelling urgently need to be linked and integrated

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