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Natural Products Chemistry, Biology and Medicine II

Location Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy
Date 29 August - 03 September 2009
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Natural Products Chemistry, Biology and Medicine The aims of the Symposium were directed to the classical and the expanding new areas of natural product chemistry and to discuss the latest developments in the field and exchange ideas, foster collaborations, and promote education and training of young students.

Hotel Villa del Mare, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy

Understanding how biological mechanisms work means that clinical drugs can be developed more rapidly and precisely. This symposium addressed all topics involved in this field of research and was an excellent forum for cross-disciplinary discussions, collaboration, and provided training for young students. Participants involved in this meeting focused on combining natural products, drug discovery, synthetic chemistry, and biotransformation. They put forward ideas for preparing complex compounds able to diminish biological processes in the hope of improving treatments for various diseases.

This symposium also covered the latest advances in our understanding of the importance of natural products as hunting ground for combinatorial chemistry. Related areas such as chemical synthesis technologies and isolation biotechnology were addressed. Although the majority of the speakers and attendees was from the EU, representatives from the US, Japan and South America also took part.

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Hotel Villa del Mare

I-85041 Acquafredda di Maratea

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