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NanoteC11 - Nanotechnology in Carbon and Related Materials

Location Institute of Materials, Nantes, France
Date 31 August - 03 September 2011
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Nanote C11 Conference was held this year in conjunction with Working Group meetings of COST Action MP0901 'NanoTP - Designing novel materials for nanodevices: From Theory to Practice'.

NanoteC is one of the longest running series of international nanoscale carbon conferences in Europe (since 1998). It brings together scientists working with nanoscale carbon materials: nanotubes, graphene, diamond- and fullerene-related nanostructures. While each of these materials attracts its own dedicated community of researchers, NanoteC draws on common themes and allows researchers to share insight into this unique element at the nanoscale.

Elemental carbon shows remarkable variety in properties via simple covalent bonding, however other systems (for example containing nitrogen or metals) are becoming important and provide alternative components with unique mechanical and electronic properties. Nanotechnology requires an understanding of these materials on an atomic level and this will be the central theme.

The NanoteC conferences are renowned for their relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with emphasis on discussion and participation.The organisers eagerly welcomed students participation.

For more information on this event please consult the official website.

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Contact Information

Dr Chris Ewels
Vice Chair of COST Action MP0901 'NanoTP'
Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel CNRS, Universite de Nantes