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Low Input/Organic Agriculture: The Farm of Tomorrow?

Location Radisson Blu EU Hotel, Brussels
Date 30 November 2009  | 8:30 - 17:30
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Today’s agricultural systems have to conform to increasing environmental constraints. They have to respond to concerns about the safety of their products for human health, demands for better quality and environmental safety, while producing enough and bringing profit to farmers.

Low Input/ Organic Agriculture

More public and private investments in sustainable farming could boost food supplies and ensure global food security. Low input farming and organic farming may comply with the needs of producing high quality safe food in an environmentally sustainable, cost-effective and socially acceptable way. However, many organisational, scientific and economic issues need to be addressed to foster further development in this field.

To illustrate the new vitality in this sector and to attempt to provide answers to such questions, COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) convened a multidisciplinary one-day Exploratory Workshop on Low Input/ Organic Agriculture: the Farm of Tomorrow? The overall objective of the workshop was to identify the need and potential for a structured COST Action on this topic.