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Cultural Literacy in Contemporary Europe: Synthesis Workshop

Location Brussels, Belgium
Date 11 February 2011
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This workshop will draw together outcomes from the debates, discussions and conversations conducted within the thematic workshops.

The dialogue and discussion generated by the first four workshops will be synthesised in this concluding event.

Key thematic linkages between the four workshops include:

  1. The Culture of Testimony and its continuing significance;
  2. The electronic production of new forms of fictionality, and their appeal;
  3. Literature and literature-type art forms as a medium of cultural transfer and exchange;
  4. The diagnosis of rhetoricity, fictionality, textuality and historicity in political, economical and scientific discourses as explored by the workshops

Key areas of policy to be targeted include the following:

  1. Translation policies, services and supports in the public domain, including specifically the field of Cultural Heritage
  2. Improvement of Health services through critical reflection and analysis of their cultural embeddedness
  3. Stabilization of Educational services, both in lower and higher education, by integrating cultural literacy fully into the basic curricula of each discipline.

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Initiative Chaired by

Dr. Marc Caball
University College, Dublin, IE

Prof. Naomi Segal
IGRS, University of London, UK

Steering Committee

Prof Leopoldina Fortunati
University of Udine, IT

Prof Margaret Kelleher
National University of Ireland, Maynooth, IE

Prof Daniela Koleva
University of Sofia, BG

Prof Ulrike Landfester
University of St Gallen, CH

Prof Lea Rojola
University of Turku, FI

Prof Sibel Irzik
Sabanci University, TR

Contact Information

Francesca Boscolo
Science Officer
COST Office
Avenue Louise 149
B-1050 Brussels
Tel. +32 2 533 3830